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District to District Student Transfers and Transitions


The District to District Student Transfers and Transitions project was created to address a variety of issues:

  • Student mobility rates are increasing in Colorado.
  • Groups of highly mobile students are more likely to fall behind academically and experience higher dropout rates. Read about one Colorado study on students in foster care.
  • More guidance and information is needed to appropriately support students and increase the likelihood of academic success.

This project highlights resources and information related to the processes of enrollment, class placement, withdrawal, and transcript development for students. It promotes strategies, practices, and policies to effectively support students through school transitions and transfers, especially those who are adversely impacted by school moves and changes.

Highly mobile students refers to those experiencing unique circumstances:

  • Experiencing homelessness
  • Students in foster care
  • Pregnant or parenting youth
  • Immigrant and refugee students
  • Migrant students and Binational youth (U.S./Mexico)
  • Expelled students
  • Incarcerated youth
  • Military dependent students

Special considerations must be taken in serving students who transfer or are in transition to ensure their legal rights. Research indicates that high rates of student mobility can lead to dropping out of school. Highly mobile students may disproportionally represent students of a certain race, color, national origin, socio-economic status or other protected class.

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