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Dropout Prevention Framework



Educational attainment is pivotal in preparing students for success after high school. Research shows that high school graduates are more likely to be employed, earn higher wages, and have better health outcomes (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, n.d.). While gains have been made in Colorado in increasing graduation rates and reducing dropout rates, not all students have benefited from those gains. 

Written for district and school teams and grounded in the core components of student success systems, the Colorado Dropout Prevention Framework outlines five foundational practices and prioritizes four evidence-based strategies to reduce dropout rates and increase student engagement in learning, graduation rates, credit attainment, and preparation for postsecondary options. 

  • Foundational Practices are focused on creating and sustaining school environments that foster positive and effective conditions for learning. 
  • Strategies are evidence-based approaches to keep students on track for graduation and to intervene to support students at risk of dropping out or those who have already disengaged or dropped out. 

This webpage is designed to provide information on practices and strategies and resources to support implementation. 

The Dropout Prevention Framework has been updated as part of a project with the Comprehensive Center for Region 12 with input from offices at the Colorado Department of Education and practitioners throughout the state.

Dropout Prevention Graphic

Full Documents

  • Dropout Prevention Framework: This is the full document that includes the foundational practices, strategies, research supporting each, and implementation guidance. 
  • Research: This document provides links and titles of research that has informed the dropout prevention framework. 

Prioritization Tools

Role Guide: This document provides recommendations and potential strategies for school staff, school leaders, and district staff. 

Reflection Tool: This tool will help school or district teams reflect on dropout prevention framework foundational practices or strategies and identify how they may plan for implementation. 


Funding Opportunities

CDE manages grants for local education agencies and in some cases other organizations that can support implementation of dropout prevention foundational practices and strategies. 

Student/Parent Information

Additional information will be updated in the 2023-24 school year.