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Assessment Toolkit

The following items are designed to help districts and schools communicate with parents about state assessments. These materials can be shared in newsletters or during parent information events or parent-teacher conferences. All materials may be tailored to meet your local needs. More materials will be added as they are updated. 

Which tests will students take

CMAS: English Language Arts / Literacy, grades 3 through 8. Math, grades 3 through 8. Social Studies, grades 4 and 7 (sampling approximately 1/3 of schools participating). Science, grades 5, 8, and 11. PSAT / SAT: PSAT, grades 9 and 10. SAT, grade 11.

CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success)

2020 Tests

The CMAS tests for the 2019-20 school year will be administered on April 6-24, 2020. Students from third through eighth grade will take CMAS tests in English language arts and math. Students in the fifth, eighth and 11th grades will take the CMAS science tests. A sampling of students in the fourth and seventh grades will take the CMAS social studies tests. Students in ninth and 10th grade will take the PSAT between April 14, 15 or 16, and students in the 11th grade will take the SAT on April 14. Results are expected to be delivered to districts in July. The results are expected to be released publicly in mid-August. Below are materials that can help you communicate about the statewide assessments.


About CMAS


About PSAT and SAT


2019 Test Results 

Students in third through eighth grade took CMAS tests in English language arts and math in the spring of 2019. Students in the fifth, eighth and 11th grades took CMAS science tests. A sampling of students in the fourth and seventh grades took the social studies CMAS tests. Students in the ninth and 10th grades took the PSAT tests and 11th graders took the SAT, college entry exam. School districts received their results in July and the results will be released publicly in August. Districts send out score reports to parents. These materials can help communicate about the results and the score reports.

Score Reports

2018-19 Sample Score Reports

Sample score reports to help explain how to interpret score reports.

About Score Reports 

Drop-in articles

Use entire articles or just portions to communicate with educators and parents about score reports 


Fact Sheets

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