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Complete a Traditional Educator Preparation Program

If you know that you want to become a teacher and are ready to enter college as an undergraduate or graduate student, you may be ready to pursue a traditional pathway to teaching!  Traditional candidates may include:

  • High school students investigating options for becoming a teacher as part of their undergraduate degree programs;

  • Candidates who already have their undergraduate degrees and decide after graduation that they want to become teachers;

  • Paraprofessionals who have completed their Bachelor’s degrees and are seeking a post-bac pathway to licensure;

  • Candidates with advanced degrees who want to go back to school to earn a teaching license;

  • Individuals with Bachelor’s degrees who are seeking a teaching license as well as a Master’s degree.

Traditional pathways provide a range of options for individuals who want to become teachers.  What these individuals have in common: the drive to make a difference in the lives of kids by becoming educators.

Traditional Preparation Pathway

The flowchart below describes the basic steps to becoming an educator by completing a teacher preparation program through an accredited institute of higher education.

Flow chart depicting the traditional pathway to becoming an educator in Colorado.



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