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Traditional Teacher Candidate: What You Need to Know

Many colleges and universities in Colorado offer educator preparation programs. The information below provides specific guidance for the traditional undergraduate and graduate level initial teacher licensure programs. Candidates typically complete coursework related to teaching methods and spend time in classrooms working directly with students in schools.

Using This Page

This page lists the steps you'll take to obtain a traditional educator license in Colorado. It also includes links to resources that help you complete each step.

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1. Complete Degree 

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Complete a four year degree at a regionally accredited college or university

2. Complete Teacher Preparation Program

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Complete a teacher preparation program at a regionally accredited college or university.

3. Background Check

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Pass CBI and FBI background checks

  • As part of the background check, you must submit your fingerprints to CBI

4. Apply

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Apply for an initial teacher license using the eLicensing