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Educator Credential Search

For the Public

The link below can be used to look up an educator's credential (license) information. If you are a member of the public, you can see if an educator has an active credential, a past credential or if a credential was denied, suspended, revoked or annulled by using the Public Educator Lookup.

Public Educator Lookup

For guidance regarding the public release of information pertaining to educators, please review the Records Release Information

For directions on how to download educator rosters with educator credential information, download the CDE Public Educator Disciplinary Lookup Information resource.

For Educators who hold a current license

Log into your eLicensing account and click on the "Credential/Application Information" tab that may contain information pertaining to pending applications as well as current and past credentials.*

*Note: Information prior to 2011 may not be visible to you in this lookup as that information was migrated from our old system into eLicensing and may reside in a secondary account. If your school district is inquiring, have them login to their eLicensing account where they will be able to see this older information. In the future we will merge this data into your single account. You also may not see all of your information if you have created multiple eLicensing accounts.

For Public School District Human Resources personnel

Log into your eLicensing Verification Access account.

If you do not have an account, please visit our school district webpage for instructions on how to apply. Any old lookups that you may have used in the past have been permanently closed.