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Information for School Districts

Welcome School Districts!

We created this page to assist school districts with information mostly pertaining to those working in a school district's human resources department. For simplicity, the term "school district" encompasses any public school district, BOCES or public charter school in Colorado.

Subsequent Arrest Reporting

After March 2017, email will no longer be used for official communication of updates to subsequent arrest records based on CDE fingerprint-based criminal history record checks. After this timeframe, subsequent arrest records will only be available through CDE’s eLicensing Verification Access.

This transition provides several benefits:

  • Secure - Access to these sensitive records will be monitored by CDE and limited to only individuals who have been granted access to the system based on approval by CDE and district/public charter school leadership.
  • Timely - The Subsequent Arrest Report Query will return results in real-time as they are received into CDEs database.
  • Comprehensive - Reports will no longer only be provided in weekly increments. Individuals with permissions to use the Subsequent Arrest Report Query can now access all records housed in CDEs database at their convenience.

Public school districts, BOCES, or public charter schools in Colorado can apply to be granted access to this system by following the procedures for eLicensing Verification Access.

Q. How do I receive access to view subsequent arrest records using the Subsequent Arrest Report Query?

A. You will need to apply for eLicensing Verification Access as an employee of a public school district, BOCES, or public charter school in Colorado. School District Officials who apply for eLicensing Verification Access and approved Licensing Coordinators are automatically granted access to the Subsequent Arrest Query in eLicensing. As an Authorized User, your Licensing Coordinator may decide to designate on your Authorized User request form that your access permissions will include the Subsequent Arrest Report Query.

Q. I am a district superintendent, but am not my district’s Licensing Coordinator. How do I receive access to the subsequent arrest reporting functions in eLicensing?

A. You will apply using the same process followed by a Licensing Coordinator; however you will be designated as the School District Official (SDO) for your district. Your Licensing Coordinator will still manage the ongoing and day-to-day duties for your district and sign off on Authorized Users, however you will have access to all of the reporting functions of eLicensing Verification Access and the Subsequent Arrest Report Query through your district eLicensing account. You will need to reactivate your access yearly on your birth date.

Q. I am a Director of Human Resources, Human Resources Manager, etc. but am not my district’s Licensing Coordinator. How do I receive access to the subsequent arrest reporting functions in eLicensing?

A. You can gain access to the system as an Authorized User with subsequent arrest report permissions through an eLicensing account tied to your district credentials. You can have your district’s Licensing Coordinator designate you as an Authorized User and mark the Subsequent Arrest Notification checkbox. You will need to reactivate your access yearly on your birth date.

Q. I am NOT an employee of a public school district, BOCES or public charter school in Colorado. How do I receive information about an educator's criminal history or subsequent arrests?

A. If you are employed by a nonpublic school in Colorado, there are two options you can take to receive this information

  • Option 1: Pursuant to §22-1-131 C.R.S., a nonpublic school may make an inquiry to CDE concerning the background of an employee. To facilitate the inquiry, the nonpublic school shall require the employee to submit fingerprints, along with their processing fee, to the CBI. The nonpublic school shall then provide a list of the name, date of birth and SSN (last 4) of the employees who submitted fingerprints to the Enforcement Unit of CDE at This list will be utilized when the fingerprint results are received by our office from the CBI. Once all of the results have been received, our office will contact the non-public school notifying if the person has a criminal history or not. CDE does not conduct any type of background investigation and that responsibility falls upon the nonpublic school. Subsequent arrest reports are not available to nonpublic schools from our office pursuant to §22-2-119(4)(b).
  • Option 2: If you need to obtain background information for an individual, and you wish to receive subsequent arrest notifications you may want to consider utilizing the Volunteer Employee Criminal History Services (VECHS) program offered by the CBI in conjunction with the FBI. Once you have been approved into the VECHS program, you will send fingerprints, along with their processing fee, to the CBI. The results of that check are sent directly back to you as well as any future subsequent arrest reports.The rules and regulations for the VECHS program apply to any public or private, for-profit, non-profit or volunteer organization that provides care or care placement services to any child, elderly person or person with disabilities for whom the organization provides care.

Q. I work for a charter school performing human resource duties; do I need approval from the governing board of the charter school?

A. Yes, when you apply for your access you must also upload a letter from the Chairperson of the charter school's governing board specifying that they have granted you access to this sensitive information.

eLicensing Verification Access for School Districts

We are excited to announce that eLicensing Verification Access is now available for approved school district representatives! This access will provide district Human Resources personnel with real-time, comprehensive information on Colorado educators in the areas of:

  • Current and historical licenses, endorsements, and authorizations
  • Submitted/In-progress applications
  • CDE background check status
  • Criminal history (national fingerprint-based check upon submission of a fingerprint card to CBI)
  • Subsequent arrest information received from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
  • PLACE and Praxis exam scores, if available (exam score reports should be obtained from either PLACE and or Praxis by the test taker)

eLicensing Verification Access Requirements

  • Access may be granted to employees of a Colorado school district or BOCES, or to the governing board or direct employees of a public charter school.  Access is not guaranteed and is solely at the discretion of CDE.
  • To obtain access, you must submit a complete User Access application through your individual eLicensing account, and you must be approved by CDE as a Licensing Coordinator, School District Official, or Authorized User.
  • You must provide and be able to access an email account with a school district or public charter school domain. Use of personal email accounts will result in denial or revocation of access.
  • You must possess an educator's social security number to conduct a check. There is no other way to search without a social security number.
  • Access will expire each year on your birth date (this means that for the first year, access will be valid for less than one year) and can be renewed yearly by submitting a new User Access application via eLicensing. We do not accept forms via email and all applications for access, to include renewing access, must be done via the eLicensing system by submitting an application.
  • If you hold a credential with CDE, the account used for eLicensing Verification Access will be separate from your personal account and registered under your school district email. If this is the case, CDE will distinguish the 2 accounts and notify you via email.

eLicensing Verification Access Roles and Responsibilities

Role Responsibility

School District Official (SDO)

The district superintendent or head of public charter school is known as the School District Official (SDO). Because the information that can be accessed in the system is highly sensitive, it is necessary for leadership at the highest level to indicate understanding of and delegate appropriate access to the system. For this reason, the SDO must complete the Master Agreement / Licensing Coordinator Access Request (SDO/LC) form (PDF) for their district or public charter school.

The SDO may choose to:

  1. designate another district/charter school employee to serve as Licensing Coordinator (LC) and decline personal access to eLicensing Verification Access as SDO, or
  2. act as Licensing Coordinator (LC) for the district/charter school with full privileges for eLicensing Verification Access, or
  3. designate another district/charter school employee to serve as Licensing Coordinator (LC) and also elect full access to eLicensing Verification Access.

Licensing Coordinator (LC)

The Licensing Coordinator (LC) serves as the liaison between CDE and the district/charter school and manages eLicensing access and information for the entire district/charter school. The LC must be approved by the SDO or the district/public charter school. If the SDO changes, or if the district wishes to designate a new LC, a new Master Agreement / Licensing Coordinator Access Request (SDO/LC) form (PDF) must be submitted through the eLicensing system. Only 1 Licensing Coordinator per school district is permitted. We recommend that the LC be a human resources employee who works closely with your district's educators.

Once an LC has been approved, the LC will be able to approve a request for access for other Authorized Users (AUs) within the district. Licensing Coordinators must submit a deactivation form (PDF) when any Authorized User leaves employment with the school district or job duties no longer require access. By default, the LC will receive access to the Subsequent Arrest Report Query, and can also designate AUs to access this information.

Authorized User (AU)

An Authorized User (AU) may be granted eLicensing Verification Access with approval from a school district’s Licensing Coordinator. An AU cannot apply until a Master Agreement has been completed and an LC has been approved by CDE.

School District Authorized User Request (AU) form (PDF)

Submitting an Application/Renewal for eLicensing Verification Access

To submit a complete application, applicants will need to provide information to set up an eLicensing Verification Access account, supply required documentation, and correctly answer informative questions pertaining to state statute and CDE requirements.

  1. Ensure you have registered for and can access your eLicensing account. You will submit your User Access application and use the eLicensing Verification Access and/or the Subsequent Arrest Report Query through this account.
    • If you are unable to register for or access your account, send an email with a detailed description of the issues you are experiencing to
    • Each SDO, LC, or AU must have their own eLicensing account. The sharing of user access passwords or account information is strictly forbidden.
  2. Thoroughly review the Resources section provided for district Human Resources representatives. The eLicensing Verification Access application requires correct answers to questions covering a variety of information that is crucial to ensure correct interpretation of system data, facilitation of credentialing processes through CDE, and compliance with state rule and statute.
  3. Gather required documentation:
    • An image of a valid government-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license or passport).
    • An image of the front and back of a valid school district identification badge. If your district does not issue identification, please substitute another document confirming your employment at a public school district or public charter school.
    • The appropriate authorization form (please note that outdated or incomplete forms will be returned and will not be used to grant access):
    • Charter school employees, obtain a letter from governing board's Chairperson authorizing you for this access.
  4. Register or Log In to the eLicensing system and click the "Go to Applications" link. Scroll to the bottom of the alphabetical list and click Start next to the “User Access- School Districts Only” application.

Log in to eLicensing

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