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CMAS - English Language Arts and Mathematics Assessments (PARCC) Archive

This is an archive site. Do not use any information contained on this page for current administrations. Some links may not be active. 

Spring 2018

Mathematics Assessments

  • Students in grades 3-6 take the grade level assessment for their enrolled grade.
  • Students in grade 7 have the option of taking Grade 7 Mathematics, Algebra I, or Integrated Mathematics I assessment.
  • Students in grade 8 have the option of taking Grade 8 Mathematics, Algebra I, Geometry, or Integrated Mathematics I or II assessment.
  • Calculator Use Policy for 2018 - PDF
  • Directions for Clearing Graphing Calculator Memory - PDF

Information about Estimated Testing Times 2016 and 2017

PARCC estimates that students will spend the approximate lengths of time below to complete all the sessions, or timed components, of the PARCC assessments in ELA and math:

  • 8.25 hours annually in 3rd grade
  • 8.5 hours in grades 4–5
  • A little more than 9 hours in grades 6-9

Specific unit times and scheduling considerations can be found in the 2017 PARCC Test Coordinator Manual.

PARCC Test Design 

PARCC has released documents to help schools and districts understand the design of the assessment.  For ELA/L these documents include high level assessment blueprints, ELA Literacy Common forms Specifications, reading evidence tables, writing evidence tables, task models, scoring rubrics and performance level descriptors.  

For mathematics, the documents include high level assessment blueprints, claim structure documents, evidence statements, informational guides by grade level to help teachers, and performance level descriptors.  

Unique Accommodations Request (form updates annually)

In Colorado, there is additional guidance on several accommodations for ELA/L and/or mathematics. Unique accommodation requests (UAR) must be submitted to CDE via Syncplicity by December 15 for approval. 

2015 Spring Administration information

2017 PARCC Quick Links

Here are links for commonly requested information: 

2015 PARCC Quick Links

Here are links for commonly requested information: