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District and School Performance Framework Results


The District Performance Framework (DPF) reports and School Performance Framework (SPF) reports provide the annual district and school ratings in support of Colorado’s state accountability system. Preliminary ratings for the prior school-year are released annually in September. Following the Request to Reconsider process (RTR), final DPF reports are released in November, and final SPF reports are released in December, following approval by the State Board of Education. For example, ratings for the 2017-2018 school year are referred to as the 2018 framework results. Preliminary results are released in September of 2018; final results are released in November and December of 2018. Alternative Education Campus (AEC) framework results are released on the same schedule as the school performance framework results. Framework results are presented in the formats below.

Flat Files

Provides summaries of results and ratings across schools, districts, and the state

Format: XLS files
Includes: preliminary rating releases, most recent final rating release and prior years
Updated: annually September - December

Performance Framework Flat Files

Final Files

Preliminary Files

  • CDE 2018 Preliminary District Accreditation Ratings (XLS) - superseded
    Preliminary District Ratings (including prior year ratings & years on accountability clock)
  • CDE 2018 Preliminary School Ratings (XLS) - superseded
    Preliminary School Ratings (including prior year results & years on accountability clock)
  • CDE 2018 Preliminary AEC Ratings (XLS) - superseded
    Preliminary AEC Ratings (including prior year results)

Calculation Data Files

Additional Flat Files



Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness


  • CDE 2018 Participation Data (XLS) - coming soon
    State, district, and school-level CMAS participation rates, including historical trend data.

View Performance Framework Flat Files from Prior Years

State Board Meeting Presentations

View performance framework information presented by CDE to the State Board of Education:

Format: PowerPoint Files
Includes: Summary data and trends for school and district ratings
Updated: Presentations are in November and December.

District and School Dashboard (DISH)

View visualizations of the data included in the framework rating calculations

Format: Tableau visualizations
Includes: most recent final rating release and prior years
Updated: annually in December

Performance Framework Reports & Improvement Plans

View final individual DPF reports and SPF reports

Format: PDF Files
Includes: most recent final rating release and prior years
Updated: annually in December

Colorado Growth Model - Growth Summary Reports

View static and interactive reports of school and district growth rates on state assessments

Format: PDF files and Tableau visualizations
Includes: most recent year’s data and prior years
Updated: annually in September

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