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State Accountability Data Tools & Reports

Tools & Reports for Individual Schools and Districts

Performance Framework Reports and Unified Improvement Plans

Performance Frameworks Reports and Unified Improvement Plans

District and School Performance Frameworks are used to determine performance ratings under the state accountability system. Unified Improvement Plans document the strategies that districts and schools implement as part of the continuous improvement cycle. Go here to access reports for individual districts and schools in PDF format. Reports for the current year and for prior years going back to 2010 are available.

Release/Refresh Timeline: The official Framework results are released in December. For most schools and districts, UIPs are required to be submitted in October, but may be updated throughout the year.

This is an image of a data dashboard showing achievement data.

School and District Dashboard

The Dashboards are made up of a suite of reports that have been designed to support improvement planning efforts by districts and schools. The dashboards allow users to interact with graphs and tables showing demographic information along with performance data and ratings generated under the state accountability system. Use this online tool to view current information for individual schools and districts along with several years of historical data. An annotated version of this dashboard for the 2024-25 school year is available.

Release/Refresh Timeline: Dashboards are refreshed with achievement, growth, and other performance data each summer when state assessment results become available, typically in August. The dashboard has been updated with 2023 performance frameworks data (as of 12/23) and 2024 enrollment, attendance, mobility, graduation, completion, and dropout data (as of 4/24).

Image of digital dashboard for Performance

Performance Snapshot

The Performance Snapshot provides an overview of key elements from the most recent District and School Transitional Performance Framework Reports and Unified Improvement Plans. This report is primarily designed for users with existing knowledge of the performance frameworks and improvement planning process, but provides a significant amount of explanatory information that may make it accessible to broader audiences. Use this tool to access reports for individual districts and schools.

Release/Refresh Timeline: The Performance Snapshot is refreshed in December with the release of final Framework results. The dashboard was last updated with data from the 2023-24 school year. 


Tools and Reports to Access Statewide Datasets

This is an image of a data dashboard showing an achievement and growth scatterplot.

State Accountability Data Explorer

This online tool provides access to graphs and tables showing performance outcome measures calculated at the state, district, and school levels. These measures encompass the metrics used within the state performance frameworks, but also provide access to a broader set of information that may be used to support improvement planning efforts or to facilitate other types of evaluation and analysis. Data tables can be exported to spreadsheets, and graphs can be downloaded in PDF format or as image files.

District users may access a secure version of this tool that displays performance data for their own district and schools even in cases where there are not enough records to meet the minimum n-count thresholds for public reporting.

Release/Refresh Timeline: This tool is refreshed with achievement and growth performance data and with test participation data each summer when state assessment results become available, typically in August or early September.

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This is an image of an Excel spreadsheet file.

State Accountability Data Files

Go here to access a repository of files containing performance framework information for all schools and districts in the state. Files include spreadsheets with current and historical performance framework results, along with copies of PowerPoint presentations and other reports presented to the State Board of Education.

Release/Refresh Timeline: Preliminary School and District Framework results are published here in late August or early September each year. Performance Framework flat files are updated when performance ratings are finalized in December.

Teaching and Learning Survey (TLCC)

Teaching and Learning Survey (TLCC)

The Teaching and Learning Conditions in Colorado (TLCC) is a statewide, confidential survey intended to support school, district, and state improvement planning, as well as research and policy. Go here to access an interactive report showing TLCC survey results for schools and districts across the state.

Release/Refresh Timeline: N/A

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