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1241: Accountability, Accreditation, Student Performance, and Resource Inequity Task Force

Accountability, Accreditation, Student Performance, and Resource Inequity Task Force


Passed during the 2023 legislative session, H.B. 23-1241 creates a representative task force of 26-members that studies academic opportunities, inequities, promising practices in schools, and improvements to the accountability and accreditation system.  Task force members are appointed by the speaker and minority leader of the house of representatives, the president and minority leader of the senate, the governor and the department of education.


H.B. 23-1241 Specifies that the Accountability, Student Performance, and Resources Inequity Task Force at a minimum shall consider

  • Academic opportunities or inequities that may impact academic achievement gaps
  • Improvement to the accountability and accreditation system to expand and incentivize academic opportunities and address inequities
  • Promising practices in schools and school districts
  • Recommendations for legislation or rules as necessary

Task Force Members/Appointees (PDF)


Upcoming Task Force Meetings:


Tuesday, September 26, 2023


In Person Option: 

Adams County Human Services Center

11860 N Pecos St. Westminster, CO 80234

Room: Cherry 1106, 1107

Virtual Option: 

Zoom Registration Link

Agenda (PDF)

Meeting Materials: 

Terms to Define Document (PDF)

Accountability Presentation Materials: 

Accountability Presentation Discussion Slides (PPT)

Education Accountability Act Legislative Declaration (PDF)

Stair Step Graphic 2010-2022 Performance Trajectory of District Identified as Priority Improvement or Turnaround (Excel)

Accountability Clock Stair Step Graphic- Schools (PDF)

Timeline of CO Accountability 2009 to 2024 (Excel)

Annotated SPF Report (PDF)



Previous Task Force Meetings

August 24, 2023 Meeting



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To request translated documents and video recording please complete this Google Form. Live translation may be available for future meetings upon request, please specify this request on the form. Note that requests must be made at least five days prior to the meeting to ensure services. 



  • July 1, 2023: Task force members appointed
  • August 15, 2023: Department contracts with a facilitator
  • No later than September 1, 2023: Convene first meeting
  • March 1, 2024: Interim report
  • November 15, 2024: Final report reflecting findings and recommendations to the education committees of the house of representatives and senate, the governor, the state board, the commissioner of education and the department.



More information about the Evaluation of Colorado’s K-12 Education Accountability System

The evaluation report (also referred to as the accountability audit) was released by the legislative audit committee on December 12, 2022.  You can access the report here.

The report is a result of HB 21-1294. Overseen by the Office of the State Auditor, the selected evaluator was HumRRO. The evaluator provided a presentation on the report to the State Board of Education at their December 14, 2022 meeting. You can access information about the presentation, including materials, on the state board website.

The intent was to determine whether the current system:

  • Meets the goals and intentions of the General Assembly, as stated in the legislative declarations set forth in Section 22-7-1002, C.R.S., and Section 22-11-102, C.R.S.
  • Contains institutional or cultural biases based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, age, or economic status.
  • Provides an accurate, credible, and comparable assessment of public education throughout the state.

More information about the Local Accountability System Grant

In 2019, the State Legislature passed SB 19-204, to provide grant money to local education providers that adopt local accountability systems to supplement the state accountability system. Local education providers may establish and seek funding through the grant program to support a local accountability system that supplements the state accountability system. This program is also intended to enable the state to learn from innovation in the field. The department is expected to evaluate the awards, as well as convene applicants annually to facilitate and support learning.  View more detail on the grantees and on the learnings from the grantees.


The  task force may build upon the Accountability Audit (see summary above) and the Local Accountability System Grant (see summary above).  


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