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Results Matter

COVID-19 and Preschool Through 3rd Grade Education

State Funded Preschool/Results Matter Spring Assessment Requirements Canceled

CDE is suspending spring Preschool Results Matter assessment requirements for state reporting purposes.  If in-person instruction resumes this spring, teachers should exercise their judgment on the feasibility of giving the spring assessments to provide information to parents and to inform their instructional planning.

CDE is reviewing other program requirements for CPP, including the annual spring report, to determine ways to streamline reporting for districts during the challenging time. Information regarding timelines for and adjustments to spring CPP reporting is forthcoming.

We will continue to share additional information with you as we get it. Please send questions to your regional preschool specialist, or other members of our teams, as appropriate.


The Results Matter program improves outcomes for Colorado’s youngest children by helping teachers, administrators, families, and other education stakeholders use authentic assessment data to inform classroom instruction as well as program and policy decision-making. 

Who participates in Results Matter?

48,000 children per year who are provided services through:
  • Preschool Special Education*
  • Colorado Preschool Program*
And children who are served in programs such as:
  • Child Care Centers
  • Family Child Care Homes
  • Head Start
  • Early Head Start
  • Charter School Preschool Programs

(*participation in the Results Matter system is required)


Vendor Solicitation: Assessment Tools for Results Matter Menu (Part I: Eligibility)


  • At this time the Results Matter Part I review has been postponed until July 2020. Vendors have been notified and CDE is identifying a process to move forward.

 Click here for more details on the application process and an upcoming technical assistance webinar for vendors.



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