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Single District Online Schools and Programs

2023-24 Information for Single-District Online Programs and Schools

The Office of Blended & Online Learning no longer formally recognizes or approves single-district online programs and schools. A district does not need to apply to the Office of Blended & Online Learning to operate a single-district online program or school.  Those who wish to open an online program for the 2023-24 school year are asked to notify the Office of Blended and Online Learning by June 30th. 

All single-district online programs and schools must still submit Authorizer Assurances to the Office of Blended & Online Learning at least two weeks before the first day of the October Count window. Statute and rule require this verification of students’ attendance and participation. Failure to submit Authorizer Assurances on time may have implications for future pupil count audits, which may result in funding consequences for the district.

As part of the Authorizer Assurances form, the authorizer must submit local board-approved policies that establish, and documentation that describes, student enrollment, attendance, and participation in educational activities. The Assurances and attachments must be updated as the authorizer’s practices develop. The Office of Blended & Online Learning encourages all authorizers to work with their local boards to update their policies to address online learning through established schools and programs.

For more information about funded pupil count requirements for Online Schools and Programs, refer to the Student October Count Audit Resource Guide, which will be available in the early summer.

Important reminders:

  • Districts that wish to operate a single-district online school must apply for a school code and operate with its own administrator, separate budget, and a complete instructional program.
  • An online school is responsible for all state and federal reporting requirements and accountability processes. Any online program with one hundred or more students shall be considered an online school.
  • An online school or program may not enroll more than 10 out-of-district students. If a school wishes to serve more out-of-district students than 10, it should pursue certification as a Multi-District Online school.

All online programs and schools must meet or exceed the State Board of Education’s Quality Standards for Online Schools and Programs, found at Rule 3.02 of the State Board’s rules for online programs.