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Procurement: Written Procurement Policy and Standards of Conduct

Written Procurement Policy and Standards of Conduct

Procurement Policy 

Procurement Plan Template (DOC)

The SFA/LEA must maintain written policies and procedures that reflect applicable federal, state, and local regulations. These policies should include:

  • The procurement methods to be used;
  • A requirement that costs incurred must be necessary and cost-effective;
  • A requirement that procurement avoids the acquisition of unnecessary or duplicative items;
  • All procurement transactions must provide full and open competition;
  • A requirement that the SFA/LEA must maintain records sufficient to detail the history of procurement
  • Procedures for evaluation of proposals, including procedures for the use of the market basket cost analysis method if applicable;
  • A requirement to conduct a cost or price analysis for all formal bids and/or contract modifications
  • Steps that the SFA/LEA will take to assure that small, minority, and women’s business enterprises and labor surplus firms are used when possible.

Standards of Conduct

The LEA/SFA must maintain written standards of conduct covering conflicts of interest and governing the actions of its employees engaged in the selection, award, and administration of contracts. These standards must:

  • Prohibit soliciting or accepting gratuities, favors, or anything of monetary value from contractors or parties of subcontracts;
  • Include disciplinary actions for violations of the policy

The written standards of conduct may be included in the written procurement policy or may be maintained in a separate policy.