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Professional Learning and Resources

Professional Learning

Tiered Professional Learning Opportunities

The CDE Preschool Special Education Team uses a tiered approach to assist Administrative Units in the continuous improvement of their programs that includes:

  • Pointing AUs to resources that can meet learning needs in foundations of universal practices for early childhood professionals
  • Providing targeted professional learning focused on specific topics and skills
  • Supporting intensive and extended learning opportunities to promote systems change

View the professional learning opportunities...


Links to resources on a variety of topics related to identifying and serving preschool aged children with disabilities in Colorado.

Child Find

Resources include information on developmental guidelines, hearing and vision screening and procedural documents. View the Child Find resources...

Preschool Special Education

Resources include information and guidance on inclusive preschool practices that include a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), disability determination and Least Restrictive Environment. View the preschool special education resources...

Goals of the CDE Preschool Special Education Team

The CDE Preschool Special Education Team is committed to:

  • Providing support and training to Child Find Coordinators and Preschool Special Education leaders
  • Ensuring that inclusive practices are a priority of early childhood programs in Colorado
  • Increasing the knowledge, skills and capacity of local AUs across the state through evidence-based training and technical assistance
  • Developing and disseminating research-based materials
  • Contributing to the development of state level guidance documents, processes and training materials
  • Collaborating among and within agencies to maximize resources


Regional and Statewide Child Find and Preschool Special Education Meetings

Meetings offer opportunities for CDE to present information, provide technical assistance, support shared learning and networking among coordinators. Meetings are designed for the designated Child Find Coordinator(s) and Preschool Special Education Administrators of each Special Education Administrative Unit. More information...