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Colorado Department of Education Professional Development - Developing Participation-Based IEPs that Promote Inclusion

Developing Participation-Based IEPs that Promote Inclusion

Audience: Educators | Topic: Preschool through Third Grade (P-3) | Hosted by: Office of Special Education, Preschool Through 3rd Grade

On-Demand format. Developing Participation-Based IEPs that Promote Inclusion
On-Demand format

This course promotes a different way of thinking in regards to developing an individualized program for a young child. Authentic assessment, connected to global outcomes and aligned with preschool standards, lays the foundation for the learning experiences that we want for all children to thrive at home, in school and in many settings throughout their communities. For children with disabilities, if the Individual Education Program (IEP) is participation-based and well written, it will be an asset to all adults working with the child as well as a testament to the child's learning and development. 

Course Structure
Three important topics containing information and support materials related to creating high quality IEPs are presented in a blended and flexible online format:
•    Using Authentic Assessment to Create a PLAAFP
•    Developing and Writing a High Quality Goal
•    Embedding Goals Within Instruction and Monitoring Progress

Contact Information

Marcia Blum


Up to 3 contact hours for completion of each topic.

1 additional contact hour for each topic can be obtained for completing a team-based bonus activity.

Professional development events offers a certificate

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