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Serious Emotional Disability (SED)

Definition: A child with a Serious Emotional Disability shall have emotional or social functioning which prevents the child from receiving reasonable educational benefit from general education.  Students with serious emotional disabilities are diverse learners with needs in the areas of:

  • Social Skills training (relationships, problem solving, focusing, conflict resolution, self-advocating, building support systems)
  • Emotional regulation training (impulse control, anger management, anxiety and depression management, coping with trauma, increasing frustration tolerance)
  • Behavioral supports (functional behavior assessments, behavior intervention plans, accommodations)

SED Trainings

SED Trainings

  • Professional Development
  • Webinars

Quality Indicators

Quality Indicators (SED)

SED Resources

SED Resources

  • SED Guidelines (2017) (PDF)
  • CDE SED Wikispaces
  • Topic Briefs
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Behavior


Serious Emotional Disability (SED) Task Force/Affective Needs Committee

The SED Task Force/Affective Needs Committee is comprised of teachers, administrators, and related service personnel, professors from Institutions of Higher Education and parent advocates from throughout Colorado. This group advises the Colorado Department of Education on the statewide needs of this population and those who serve them. Their expertise is utilized for work groups to develop trainings and products to assist educational teams in meeting the needs of this very diverse population.



The Serious Emotional Disability listserv is a place for teachers and service providers working with students with significant emotional Disabilities to find information, encouragement and networking opportunities.

We know that many times those working with students with significant needs may be isolated and lack the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues or find the expertise they need in a timely and safe setting. This is a place to ask questions, have discussion and share ideas with those in the field that are having the same experiences. To subscribe, Email Amanda Nieser at with your your contact information.

For more information about Serious Emotional Disabilities, please contact:

Bill Brown
Phone: (303) 866-6712
Email Bill Brown



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