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Four-Day School Week Information

Status of the Four-Day School Week in Colorado

Updated 6/28/22

One hundred twenty-four school districts, constituting 69% of the 178 school districts in Colorado, plus one BOCES operated school and select schools of the Charter School Institute utilize the four-day school week as the structure for organizing their school year. In simple terms, such districts schedule 7.5 hours per day for 144 days of school instead of the normal six hours for 180 days. In some cases, only a few of a district’s schools are on a four-day week. For example, in the Moffat 2 School District, only the Moffat PreK-12 school is on a four-day week. For the Mesa County Valley School District 51, only three of its schools are on a four-day week.

This information is intended as an overview of the practice. Actual practices differ from district to district. Please contact individual districts if there is a desire for specific information.

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