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2003 Milken National Educator Award Recipients

Cindy Corlett

At Sierra Middle School in Parker, science teacher Cindy Corlett combines standards-based instruction with high-interest learning activities such as designing CD covers for rock groups and dividing the earth into pizza slices. Mrs. Corlett conducts an annual Science Expo in which students conduct science demonstrations for second graders from neighborhood elementary schools. In her Aerospace Education unit, pupils investigate everything from air pressure to space travel. Mrs. Corlett is an active participant on the school’s staff development committee, a presenter at local and national conferences, a mentor to new teachers and the author of numerous articles for educational journals. A National Board Certified teacher, Mrs. Corlett is chair of the Extended Learning Committee, which is charged with the task of developing a curriculum for improving academic achievement in math, language arts, science and social studies.

John C. McCleary

Principal John C. McCleary’s mantra of “Academics, Discipline, Pride” is producing strong results at Crowley County Ward Middle School in Ordway. Under his leadership, Ward Middle School was one of three low-income middle schools in the state to receive a 2001-2002 Title I School of Distinction Award. Mr. McCleary instituted a positive discipline program to praise students for good behavior, and created Mustang Meet-Ups in which pupils gather in small, informal groups to discuss issues such as bullying, self-respect, tobacco use and school improvement. A hands-on administrator, Mr. McCleary calls the parents of every student and personally invites them to parent-teacher conferences. Through his involvement in the American Heritage Foundation’s No Excuses project, Mr. McCleary is currently working on funding and building a library to be shared by the school and the community.

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