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Accommodations Training

State Assessment Accommodations 

Accommodations Crosswalk

CMAS and CoAlt Procedures Manual, Section 6.0: Administrative Considerations, Accessibility Features, Accommodations, and Modifications

Speech-to-Text Security Agreement Supplement

Unique Accommodation Request (UAR)

Modification Verification Submissions (MVS)

The MVS spreadsheet template* is available in each district's CMAS_Modification_2021 folder on Syncplicity. There are no MVS forms and no additional documentation that need to accompany the submitted MVS spreadsheet.


*Do not email completed UAR forms, supporting data, and spreadsheets or MVS spreadsheets to CDE. DACs send UAR and MVS files to CDE through Syncplicity. Notify when all of the district's UAR and MVS files are posted for review.


Contact Arti Sachdeva with questions about state assessment accommodations.