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District and School Performance Framework Results


This page provides access to a repository of files containing information related to the annual School and District Performance Frameworks. The repository includes spreadsheets containing current and historical performance framework results, along with copies of PowerPoint presentations and other reports presented to the State Board of Education. Detailed information about the content and format of each file appears below.

Data Files

Format: XLS files

Includes: preliminary rating releases, most recent final rating release, prior year releases

Updated: annually September - December

Performance Framework Flat Files

Final Files

Preliminary Files

  • CDE 2018 Preliminary District Accreditation Ratings (XLS) - superseded
    Preliminary District Ratings (including prior year ratings & years on accountability clock)
  • CDE 2018 Preliminary School Ratings (XLS) - superseded
    Preliminary School Ratings (including prior year results & years on accountability clock)
  • CDE 2018 Preliminary AEC Ratings (XLS) - superseded
    Preliminary AEC Ratings (including prior year results)

Calculation Data Files

Additional Flat Files



Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness


ADA Archive Icon   View Performance Framework and Performance Indicator Flat Files from Prior Years

State Board Meeting Presentations

View performance framework information presented by CDE to the State Board of Education:

Format: PowerPoint Files

Includes: Summary data and trends for school and district ratings

Updated: Presentations are in November and December.