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CDE Leadership Learning Cohorts

CDE Leadership Learning Cohorts

Starting in the fall of 2021, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) began convening leadership learning cohorts to support school and district leaders. A learning cohort is a CDE-led collaborative that consists of a community of practitioners from schools and districts across Colorado. The participants are actively engaged in improving student outcomes by learning from and with each other about effective practices. In our context, there are three types of cohorts: 1) learning series cohorts, 2) topical learning cohorts, and 3) school-type learning cohorts. The cohorts have evolved over time and are intended to provide a space for meaningful and productive collaboration. Each cohort has a different main topic with an overall focus on supporting leaders in their school improvement efforts.


Alternative Education Campus (AEC) Leaders

Online School Leaders

Best Practices in 6-12 Grading


Throughout the duration of the cohort, participants will build or refine:

  • Systems for data collection and analysis
  • Tools, templates, protocols, and strategies that can be used in your school
  • Current action plans for school improvement
  • A community of school and district leaders across the state focused on the same learning to share, provide feedback, and problem solve.

Cohorts will convene for three to five sessions to learn about a topic, share and observe practices of other schools, and discuss strategies for implementation. The cohorts will meet via Zoom and/or in-person sessions. When possible, in-person sessions will be hosted at a participating school or district site. Travel costs are the responsibility of the participant.

Click on the topics below to learn more about each cohort:

Registration for the learning cohorts is free, and a form expressing interest is required to participate.

Please complete the online interest form found in the links above. CDE will review interest forms on a rolling bases from May 19th thru August 19th.


For more information:

Adrienne Cruz, Professional Learning and Effectiveness Coach