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State Accountability

Pause on 2020-21 and 2021-22 State Accountability System Due to COVID-19

A second year of Accountability Pause (2021-2022) has been authorized by the Colorado legislature. The state's accountability system has been paused for 2020-21 and 2021-22. More details on the implications of a pause in accountability are available in the links below.




The Education Accountability Act of 2009 (SB 09-163) and HB18-1355 authorizes the Colorado Department of Education to conduct an annual review of the performance of public schools and districts in the state and to make recommendations to the State Board of Education concerning the type of school improvement plan to be implemented in each school and the accreditation category for each district.

About Colorado's Education Accountability System

Colorado’s education accountability system is based on the belief that every student should receive an excellent education and graduate ready to succeed. Successful schools and districts are recognized and serve as models, while those that are struggling receive support.

To support this goal, the Accountability and Data Analysis (ADA) Unit at CDE:

  • Calculates Growth on CMAS, PSAT and English language proficiency
  • Creates the School and District Performance Frameworks
  • Accredits school districts and assigns school plan type assignments
  • Reports student outcome data to the public and educators
  • Assists districts and CDE staff in using student performance data to drive decision making

District Accountability Contacts

District Accountability Contacts must be registered with the Office of Accountability and Data Analysis and approved by the district superintendent in order to receive all state accountability-related communications, including information on performance frameworks and accreditation. When appointing a new Accountability Contact, superintendents are also granting access to student level Personally Identifiable Information (PII) associated with the accountability calculations.

New Accountability Contact Appointment Form

This form allows superintendents to ensure CDE’s district contact information remains up-to-date and delegates access to state accountability files to a district staff member. If a hard copy of the form is needed, please contact

ADA Announcement Icon Announcements

Local Accountability Systems Grant: In 2019 the State Legislature passed SB 19-204, to provide grant money to local education providers that adopt local accountability systems to supplement the state accountability system. The application is due December 19th. Learn more here.

Accountability Data Communications: The ADA Unit is looking to increase understanding of and engagement with the state accountability system by all educational stakeholders. In response to feedback gathered through focus groups and surveys this past spring, the team is working to improve supports. Click here for a summary of the feedback and click here for an overview of the team's response.

New District and School Performance Framework Calculation Guidebook: The ADA team has released a detailed guidance document for school and district staff that provides transparency in all the steps required for determining the performance framework results. Check it out here!


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