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Re-engagement of Out-of-School Youth

What is Re-engagement of out-of-school youth? Intervention Logo

Student re-engagement: This means that a student re-enrolls in school after dropping out prior to completion. Student re-engagement can be facilitated through a local education provider’s use of evidence- or research-based strategies to reach out to students who have dropped out of school and to assist them in transitioning back into school and obtaining a high school diploma or certificate of completion.

Each year, more than 10,000 Colorado students leave prior to completing high school and less than a third will re-enroll in the following school year. Of those who re-enroll, approximately half will persist in their education.

Why re-engage out-of-school youth?

Without a diploma, many out-of-school youths are pushed out of the labor market, impacting the lives of individuals as well as the neighborhoods, communities, and the economy as a whole; re-engaging them and re-connecting them to school can lead to future employment, growth, and success on the individual and community level. It is important to identify and provide out-of-school youth with a real connection to quality educational pathways, which will lead to high school completion and ultimately a career.

Colorado Re-engagement Facts and Figures

  • 2.3 percent of Colorado’s students in grades 7 to 12 dropped out in 2016-17.  This means that 10,421 Colorado students left school and need to be re-engaged in their education
  • More than half (52 percent) of the students who left school without completing were in 12th grade.
  • Re-engaged students refer to youth who previously dropped out, but re-enrolled and are persisting in school.
  • Minority male students have the highest dropout rate among their peers. 
  • White female student have the lowest rate of dropout
  • In 2015-16, 57 percent of Colorado secondary schools offered outreach services to re-engage out-of-school youth.

To learn more about Re-engaging out of school youth, click here for a fact sheet- Coming soon