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Amplify DIBELS® 8th Edition and mCLASS Lectura Resources

2023-2024 ELAT Benchmark Windows

When selecting your benchmark windows on this form, please ensure that the assessment dates comply with the following guidelines:

  • Beginning of Year (BOY) Benchmark:
    • Select a two-week window within the first 30 calendar days of your school year. Kindergarten consideration: Through a provision in HB15-1323, you may choose to use up to 60 calendar days for initial benchmarking. Completion of your BOY READ interim assessment within the first 60 days may be used to inform the literacy component of your kindergarten school readiness assessment.
  • Middle of Year (MOY) Benchmark
    • Select a two-week window that falls within November 27th – December 22nd OR January 3rd – 26th. (Your dates need to be prior to the holiday break OR after the holiday break.)
  • End of Year (EOY) Benchmark
    • Select a two-week window that falls within April 22nd – May 17th.

Support for ELAT Benchmark Windows:

  1. Select your benchmarks using this form and the guidelines on this webpage.
  2. To make changes or update your benchmark dates please email
  3. If you have additional questions regarding benchmark windows, please contact Carolyn Mulloy.

Materials and Assessment Kits

Each LEA participating will receive DIBELS® 8th Edition and mCLASS Lectura Assessment kits. One kit, per grade, K-3 will be shipped. Materials can also be downloaded for free from the DIBEL's website.

Technical Onboarding

Visit Amplify's Technical Onboarding Site to find information and resources to help guide you through setting up digital access to your Amplify products.

Professional Development

Visit Amplify's ELAT Professional Development webpage to for more information on professional development.

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