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Guidance on Remote Learning Technology

Guidance on Remote Learning Technology

As districts plan for the 2020-21 school year, remote learning opportunities may be considered. It is important to note that remote learning may take different forms and may or may not rely on digital technology. For purposes of this communication, consider remote learning on this technology spectrum:

Remote Learning and its Reliance on Technology

  Low Technology <-------------- --------------> High Technology
Examples Paper learning packets sent home and other hard copy resources distributed to students Digital learning with email communications and/or website Digital learning, such as course access, through a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) LMS with live instruction, breakout rooms for collaboration, etc.

The Department of Education does not have a position on what amount of technology schools and/or districts should use. Rather, this site is intended to provide general guidance for districts, schools, and families that are planning for technology-based remote learning. Within that framing, we recommend evaluating readiness for schools and districts that are planning for digital learning on six primary questions.

Device and Technology Needs:

1. What devices will students need to access this learning?'
2. What amount of time will students be online and does the plan line up with internet capacity needed?
3. Will a Learning Management System (LMS) be used to manage classes?

Teacher Supports for Digital Teaching

4. Are teachers prepared to continue course learning through a digital platform?
5. Do teachers have access to enough standards-aligned digital content?
6. Are teachers prepared (and do they have the resources) to evaluate student learning while learning remotely?
Based on these questions, we have included  general self-assessments for schools and districts to evaluate their readiness. We have also included a section called "Remote Learning Environments," with additional information for schools to consider in preparation for digital learning.

Self Assessment Tools & Resources

Materials are provided within the self-assessment for each particular question. We have included a quick listing of many of these resources below. 

Other Resources for Planning Online Learning