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CDE Update

About the CDE Update

Welcome to the CDE Update! Each month, this publication will show you what is happening in key priority areas at CDE and include details on implementation, milestones, deadlines and resources.

This online format allows you to view everything or filter by category and date and will be your go-to source for all Update information.

June 2018

Accountability, Performance and Support

What's Happening Now

Accreditation contracts

Districts, BOCES and schools in the Charter School Institute that are Accredited with Turnaround, Priority Improvement or Improvement Plans must sign an annual accreditation contract. CDE has sent districts pre-populated accreditation contracts for 2018-19. The contracts must be signed by the superintendent and local board president and returned to CDE by Friday, June 1, in order for the State Board of Education Chair to sign the contracts at the June meeting.

Contact Rachael Lovendahl at or 303-866-3256 with any questions.

Performance Framework changes document released

The Accountability Unit has released the annual performance framework change document. It provides an overview of minor anticipated changes to the 2018 Performance Frameworks along with the supporting rationale for the changes. In addition, the document provides information about changes resulting from legislative action. 

This document, along with other 2018 framework resources, is posted on the District and School Performance Framework resources webpage.

For questions, contact Jessica Watson at or 303-866-6778.

Accountability and Family Partnership Contacts

If your district will have a transition with the assigned Accountability or Family Partnership contact for the 2018-19 school year, please remember CDE will need contact information for the new representative. We will send an optional survey to superintendents that will authorize the accountability contact to view student-level data for accountability purposes. 

Contact Lisa Steffen at or 303-866-6676 with any questions.

AEC Selection of Measures

By Friday, June 29, all Alternative Education Campus schools must submit optional measures and aggregated data for consideration for the 2018 AEC SPF through Data Pipeline. District or authorizer approval, via this sign off form, is required if measures and data are submitted. If no optional measures and data are submitted for an AEC, please opt out of this collection through Data Pipeline so CDE is aware that the lack of submitted measures and data is intentional. Planned measures for the 2019 AEC SPF may also be submitted through Data Pipeline at this time, including new measures.

Office hours for this collection are available every Tuesday afternoon from 1-3 p.m. Click here to register via Sign Up Genius.

If you need assistance with this process or have any questions, please contact B Sanders at or Jessica Watson at or 303-866-6778.

TLCC Survey Data Available

Teaching and Learning Conditions in Colorado (TLCC) survey data is now available publicly at If your district and/or schools met the 50 percent participation rate (and at least five respondents), then the data is available. Some resources are available to help you interpret your data on the website. CDE will also offer tailored assistance and training throughout the year. 

For questions about the TLCC survey, contact or 303-866-6676.

Alternative Education Campus work session on the UIP

Please join us from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday, June 20, for a full day work session at Jeffco School District Board Room in Golden to support Alternative Education Campuses (AECs) in the process for creating or revising an improvement plan that is responsive to the school mission/vision and student population. Register via EventBrite.

This session is open to school and district leaders who want to dive into measures and disaggregated data aligned to the school mission, student population and instructional design. Participants will have a structured work session to collaborate with each other and apply the concepts addressed in the session. Participants will have access to CDE staff expertise from multiple offices. Contact Erin Loften at or 303-866-6642 with questions.

Roll Over of UIP to 2018-19 on June 1

Thank you to all districts that submitted school and district plans to be publicly posted this year. The plans have been published on The template will roll over from the 2017-18 template to the 2018-19 template on Friday, June 1. At that time, all schools that log into the system will log into their 2018-19 UIP. Districts will continue to have access to all past plans, but the District, School and AEC dashboards will default to the 2018-19 template.

The UIP template has been updated to include the SPF within the Current Performance section (once available), visual icons to improve the look and flow of the public plan, and easier access to previous years’ plans. As CDE reviews new state legislation (e.g., HB 18-1355) and works with other programs, additional adjustments may be made over the summer. Customized directions will be available in the pre-populated report by early September. 

For questions, contact Lisa Steffen at or 303-866-6676.

What's on the Horizon

Request to Reconsider

CDE staff will be available to assist schools and districts with the request-to-reconsider process this summer and fall. Exact dates have not yet been finalized for the process. However, if a district would like assistance reviewing any local data in the meantime, contact Jessica Watson at or 303-866-6778.

Important Upcoming Deadlines

June 1: Promising Partnership Practices submissions due for consideration
June 1: Accreditation Contracts are due to CDE for districts Accredited with Turnaround, Priority Improvement or Improvement Plans
June 20: AEC training for the Unified Improvement Planning
June 29: AEC schools must submit measures and aggregated data for optional measures for the 2018 AEC SPF through Data Pipeline
June 29: All school code submissions for 2018-19 are due

More Information

For more information, contact Alyssa Pearson, associate commissioner, 303-866-6855,, or visit


What's Happening Now

Updates to CoAlt: English Language Arts and Math (DLM) Demographic and Invalidation Data

Districts have the opportunity to review and make corrections to demographic and invalidation data (Special Circumstances Codes) for the CoAlt: English language arts and math (DLM) assessments through CDE’s voluntary Student Biographical Data Review (SBD) process through Wednesday, June 6.

one page reference document is available to help districts identify how parent excusals should be coded for each assessment. 

Assessment Results

2018 state assessment results are expected to be available according to the timeline in the following table. State assessment overall and disaggregated results, as well as growth results, are expected to be presented at the August Board meeting. 

2018 Targeted Reporting Dates*

Student Level Data Files

CMAS and CoAlt: Science and Social Studies

Mid-June (6/8)

CMAS: Mathematics and ELA, including CSLA

End of June (6/25)


Early July (7/3) via Syncplicity

CoAlt: Mathematics and ELA (DLM)

Mid-June (6/25) via Syncplicity

District and School Summary Data Files

CMAS and CoAlt: Science and Social Studies

Mid-June (6/15)

CMAS: Mathematics and ELA

Early July (7/3)

District and School Summary Reports

CMAS and CoAlt: Science and Social Studies

End of June (6/22)

CMAS: Mathematics and ELA, including CSLA

Mid-July (7/17)

FINAL Individual Student Performance Reports (electronic)

CMAS and CoAlt : Science and Social Studies

End of June (6/22)

CMAS: Mathematics and ELA, including CSLA

Mid-July (7/10)


Starting early-May (5/3) via students’ online account

Starting early-June (6/11) via educators’ online account

CoAlt: Mathematics and ELA (DLM)

Mid-June (6/15) via DLM Educator Portal

Additional Reports

CMAS: Science and Social Studies

Item Analysis Report

Content Standards Roster

End of June (6/29)

CMAS: Mathematics and ELA

Evidence Statement Analysis Report

Content Standards Roster

End of July (7/24)

Individual Student Performance Reports (hard copy)

CMAS (all content areas)

End of July (week of 7/25)

CoAlt : Science and Social Studies


Mid-June (6/15)

*Reports and files provided or made available by Pearson, College Board or University of Kansas (DLM) contain or may contain personally identifiable information. These reports and files should be treated as confidential.

All state assessment results will be embargoed and must not be publicly disseminated, distributed or published by any means until they are publicly released by the state. However, districts and schools may share confidential individual student performance reports with parents upon receipt of the reports and may use aggregated and individual student level results internally for informational and planning purposes before the public release of results at the August State Board of Education meeting.

What's on the Horizon

Watch for more information in next month's Update.

Important Upcoming Deadlines

Through June 6:  CoAlt: DLM ELA/Math SBD window

More Information

For more information on assessments, contact Joyce Zurkowski, chief assessment officer, 303-866-6760,, or visit

Educator Talent

What's Happening Now

RANDA Annual Transition Process

Local Access Managers (LAMs) are responsible for maintaining all users and roles, including completing the annual transition process for the Colorado Performance Management System, RANDA, in CDE's Identity Management System. School districts, BOCES and charter schools are required to complete updates to the system in preparation for the new school year, including disabling accounts for educators no longer in the district, adding new users and making role changes. 

User accounts that are disabled prior to Saturday, June 9, will not display in the charts for the 2017-18 school year nor will their accounts be able to be accessed. Districts/BOCES will be able to “enable” the 2018-19 year beginning Monday, July 16.

Additional information is available on the Annual Transition Process webpage. For questions, contact Joslyn Robich at or 303-866-6221.

Professional Learning Community Topic: Ethics for Today's Educators

The Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE), developed by educators for educators, honors the public trust and upholds the dignity of the profession. The National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) is hosting the Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE) to serve as a guide for future and current educators faced with the complexities of P-12 education. The code establishes principles for ethical best practice, mindfulness, self-reflection and decision-making.

Administrators are encouraged to include this video, created by NASDTEC, in a future training. The video features the educators who helped develop the MCEE, and speaks to the importance of the code and its application in the classroom. A two-part video conversation with Phil Rogers, NASDTEC's executive director, and Troy Hutchings, senior strategic advisor at Educational Testing Service (ETS), about the Code of Ethics, courtesy of DisruptEd, is also available (part 1 and part 2).

For questions and comments, contact NASDTEC directly at

Teacher of the Year nominations

Each year, the Colorado Teacher of the Year Program honors an exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled teacher in any state-approved or accredited K-12 school. The Teacher of the Year program provides an excellent way to elevate the profession by highlighting an exceptional individual and underscoring the lasting impression teachers leave on the lives of students and the fabric of our community. Please participate in this program by nominating an exceptional teacher, the nomination deadline has been extended to Friday, June 15

The 2019 application is due Wednesday, July 11, via SurveyMonkeyNominee requirements can be found on the program webpage

For questions, contact Patricia Gleason with the Competitive Grants and Awards Office, at or 303-866-6143.

What's on the Horizon

Watch for more information in next month's Update.

Important Upcoming Deadlines

More Information

For more information, contact Colleen O'Neil, Associate Commissioner for Educator Talent, 303-866-6945 or or visit


In December 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed into law, reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and replacing the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Colorado in May 2017, submitted its state plan to the U.S. Department of Education on how it intends to implement ESSA in Colorado, and received plan approval on May 8, 2018. Find more information on the state plan on CDE's ESSA webpage.

What's Happening Now

Colorado’s ESSA State Plan Approved

Colorado’s plan to implement the federal Every Student Succeeds Act was approved on May 8, 2018, by U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

The state’s ESSA plan, originally submitted to the U.S. Department of Education in May 2017, went through a number of revisions as state officials worked with federal reviewers to clarify how the state plans met ESSA’s statutory requirements.

View CDE’s official press release for more information on plan approval process or visit CDE’s ESSA webpage for information on ESSA Implementation.

2018-19 Consolidated Application

The 2018-19 Consolidated Application window is open. Applicants should begin using the online system to update their LEA plan responses, as needed, and enter the LEA’s 2018-19 proposed budget. The 2018-19 preliminary allocations for Title I, Part A, Title II, Part A, Title III, Part A, and Title III-SAI have been pre-populated in the platform. CDE will update the preliminary allocations for the remaining Title programs once they have been received from the U.S. Department of Education.

If you were unable to attend an in-person or virtual training session and would like support from CDE, please reach out to your ESEA Regional Contact to schedule training support.

Supplement, Not Supplant (SNS) and Non-Public Consultation Forms

Supplement, Not Supplant Demonstrations and Non-public Consultation Forms were due on May 30. If you were unable to submit the required documentation, contact your ESEA Regional Contact for support. LEAs that do not provide SNS demonstration will likely experience a delay in their ability to access ESSA funds. 

What's on the Horizon

ESSA Monitoring

Now that Colorado’s ESSA state plan has been approved, CDE will begin implementing all sections of the plan, including a review of LEA's ESSA plans. As we launch the review process under ESSA, districts will receive training, support, and guidance on ESSA requirements and the indicators that will be reviewed both remotely and while onsite.

As described in the state plan, monitoring will occur in multi-year cycles through various formats including desk reviews, onsite reviews, and ESSA title program effectiveness meetings. LEAs that are selected for a review during the 2018-19 school year will be notified by the last day of June and will receive instructions, guidance and support in preparing for the review.

High-Achieving Schools and ESSA CS/TS schools

CDE has identified a second cohort of High Achieving Schools (HAS) that will serve as models for current and future Connect for Success (CFS) grantees. This cohort includes one rural elementary school, one middle school, one high school that performed in the top 5 percent of all Title I schools, and an Alternative Education Campus with a consistently high graduation rate. A team from CDE has been conducting a comprehensive study of the practices that have likely contributed to the HAS successes and will highlight common practices and strategies in reports to be released later this summer.

You can access the first HAS cohort study on the CDE website

Schools identified for comprehensive or targeted support and improvement in September 2017 or September 2018 will be eligible for the CFS grant and may apply for funds, using the EASI application process, to replicate the practices and strategies identified in the CDE study. CFS schools will partner with one of the HAS, which will serve as a mentor to the CFS school. CFS schools will visit one or more of the HAS to see effective practices and strategies in action and connect with HAS personnel and school leaders.

Important Upcoming Deadlines

More Information

For more information, contact Patrick Chapman, executive director of Federal Programs, at 303-866-6780 or or visit

Organizational Effectiveness

What's Happening Now

Student Biographical Data

Districts will have the opportunity to complete the last Student Biographical Data (SBD) review and verification in June. SBD review for CoAlt: Alternate English Language Arts and Mathematics (DLM) will occur from Wednesday, May 30, to Wednesday, June 6. 


Districts must have their READ data file and Budget Planning Survey submitted and locked by Friday, June 15. The deadline for file re-submissions due the cross LEA validation process is Monday, July 2.

School Discipline and Attendance

The School Discipline and Attendance collection is open and will close Friday, June 29. 

Alternative Education Campus (AEC) Planned Measures Collection

The AEC Planned Measures Collection is new to Data Pipeline this year. This collection is open and will close Friday, June 29.

AEC Actual Measures and Data Collection

The AEC Actual Measures and Data Collection is new to Data Pipeline this year. This collection will close Friday, June 29.


  • Districts should request school code changes for the 2018-19 school year prior Friday, June 29. These school code changes include, new school code requests, school closures, grade changes, name changes and instances where a school changes Local Education Agencies. The forms for making the changes can be found on the CDE Form Center
  • LEAs may begin entering 2018-19 school calendar information in June with the due date Friday, July 13.


Migrant regions begin to enter 2018 summer enrollment records into the New Generation System in June. LEAs will continue to receive monthly notifications for direct certification of newly identified migrant students through Data Pipeline.

Special Education Discipline

The Special Education Discipline Interchange and Snapshot are both available and Thursday, June 7, is the date for every AU to have created at least one snapshot. This collection will close Thursday, Aug. 30.

Teacher Student Data Link/ Statewide Standard Course Codes

The 2017-18 TSDL interchange and snapshot are both open and files may be uploaded throughout the school-year. A snapshot is expected to be created at least once by Friday, June 1. 

Webinar training is offered each month on the second Tuesday at 1 p.m. 

The goal is for LEAs to finalize and submit to CDE by Friday June 29, due to student information system rollover which often occurs in July. However, the required deadline is Friday, Aug. 31.

Designated Agency

The 2017-18 Designated Agency collection is open. Designated agencies may enter 2017-18 candidates into the Data Pipeline between now and Friday, Aug. 31.

Special Education End of Year

The Special Education End of Year snapshot is now available to AUs. This collection will close Thursday, Oct. 4.

Student End of Year

The 2017-18 Student End of Year Snapshot is open and districts may create snapshots. The target date for creating an initial snapshot is Thursday, June 7.

The target date for having the student and Title I interchange files complete and error free is Thursday, June 28.

What's on the Horizon

READ will close in early July.  LEAs must enter 2017-18 school calendar information into the directory by mid-July. 

Important Upcoming Deadlines

June 6: CoAlt: Alternate English language arts & mathematics (Dynamic Learning Maps) SBD deadline
June 15: READ data file and Budget Planning Survey submitted and locked
June 29: School Discipline and Attendance collection deadline
June 29: AEC Planned Measures Collection deadline
June 29: AEC Actual Measures and Data Collection deadline
June 30: Teacher Student Data Link recommended due date
June 30: School Code Requests and Change Forms due
July 2: READ final due date
July 13: District calendars for 2017-18 due within Directory

More Information

For more information on data pipeline, contact Jan Petro, director of data services, 303-866-6838, or visit

Teaching and Learning

What's Happening Now

School Readiness 

Race to the Top grant funding

The P-3 Office offers a reminder that the 2017-18 school year is the last year that reimbursement for kindergarten school readiness assessments will be offered due to the expiration of the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge grant. All requests for reimbursement for the 2017-18 school year must be received by Friday, Sept. 28. Any kindergarten portfolios purchased beyond the number of portfolios from 2016-17 will not be reimbursed.

Schools should contact assessment vendors to determine when subscription payments will be due for the upcoming 2018-19 school year.  As you may know, the Teaching Strategies Gold assessment used by the majority of districts is $9.95 per student while the HighScope COR for Kindergarten assessment is $8.95 per student. A free paper-based assessment is available through DRDP-K.  

Contact Anji Gallanos, director of the P-3 Office, with reimbursement questions or concerns at​ or 720-527-0497.

CDE Social Emotional Learning PLC for Preschool 2018-19

The CDE Preschool Team announced a year-long professional learning opportunity for the 2018-19 school year to support the assessment and use of evidence-based strategies with preschool-aged children related to social-emotional development and learning. This is intended for general and special educators as well as administrators to attend as a team.

Upon completion, each participant can achieve 20 to 30 contact hours of professional development. The CDE Preschool Team will once again collaborate with Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak of B2K Solutions, Ltd. who can find solutions to complex problems, such as conducting authentic assessment in an age of accountability and teaching with intention during play.

View the application along with complete information (PDF). For questions, contact Marcia Blum, preschool special education specialist, at or 303-866-6319.


Standards for social studies and mathematics approved

At its May meeting, the State Board of Education approved final revisions to the math standards as well as the social studies standards with amendments. The board withdrew a proposed amendment that would have added a U.S. citizenship test to the high school social studies standards.

Districts will have two years to review and revise their local standards as needed with implementation scheduled for the 2020-21 school year. All final revisions, including amendments, are posted on the standards review and revision homepage.

Anticipated June standards review

At the June State Board meeting, the board will vote on final recommendations from the committees on science; reading, writing, and communicating; and comprehensive health and physical education. Prior to voting on approval of these standards, the board will vote on proposed amendments to the reading, writing, and communicating as well as the comprehensive health and physical education standards. To view these amendments, visit the standards review and revision homepage.

Comments on the proposed amendment can be submitted to or to

For questions about the standards review and revision process, contact Karol Gates, director of Standards and Instructional support, at or 303-866-6576.

What's on the Horizon

Watch for more information in next month's Update.

Important Upcoming Deadlines

Watch for more information in next month's Update.

More Information

For more information about Student Learning, contact Melissa Colsman, associate commissioner, 303-866-6737, or visit

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