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IHEs: Educator Preparation Program Authorization, Reauthorization and Added Endorsement

Welcome! If you’re reading this, then you’re interested in either:

  • Developing an educator preparation program at an Institute of Higher Education (IHE),
  • Participating in the Reauthorization Process of an existing program at an IHE or
  • Adding an endorsement to an existing program at an IHE.

On this page, you'll find a brief overview of the three processes. If you are looking to review a list of Educator Preparation Programs in Colorado, you can find that information in our Searchable Database.


Completion of preparation programs at IHEs lead to an array of licensure endorsement possibilities for candidates. The Colorado Department of education (CDE) and the Department of Higher Education (DHE) both play a role in the authorization and reauthorization processes of IHE-based licensure programs.

If you have questions pertaining to degree requirements or if you are looking for information on becoming a new Institute of Higher Education in Colorado, please contact DHE. This information applies only to IHEs looking to create traditional educator preparation programs or IHEs that have existing traditional educator preparation programs that wish to add a new endorsement to a program. Example of programs and endorsements include Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD), Math, Science, Gifted Education, Special Service Professionals (SSP), and so on.

Traditional preparation programs offered through IHEs provide a pathway for developing educators in Colorado. IHEs that offer traditional educator preparation programs are charged with preparing the breadth of licensed personnel who serve Colorado’s children. Each IHE has a unique teaching and learning mission that guides the way that they serve educator candidates across the state.


New Student Teacher/In-Field Experience CDE Fingerprint Process Coming in March 2019

In March 2019, CDE will be launching a new fingerprint process for students completing field experience, student teaching and any other pre-service placement in a classroom. This new process will allow CDE to share criminal history information, if any exists, with the students’ educator preparation program and school district/charter school. Making this information available will allow educator preparation programs and school districts/charter schools to make informed decisions about placing students in the classroom. This will also allow students to be fingerprinted once for all their pre-service placements. More details on how to get fingerprinted and accessing reports will be communicated  in early 2019.

English Learner Standards

All educator pre-service programs including Colorado Institutes of Higher Education Educator Preparation entities and Colorado Alternative Educator Preparation entities must ensure the English Learner standards referenced in section 5.12-5.15 of 1 CCR 301-37 are fully taught, addressed and practiced in their programs. These standards equate to approximately 6 semester hours or the equivalent of 90 clock-hours.  Educator preparation programs seeking more detailed information on this process should visit the English Learner Educator Preparation Pathways page .  These standards are a supplement, not a supplant, of the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Endorsement. These standards can and should be aligned to the CLD endorsement standards as noted in 1 CCR 301-101 if the educator preparation entity is seeking to graduate students with dual endorsements in a content area and in CLD.

As preparation programs demonstrate to CDE that they meet these requirements in their programs, those programs will be listed on this page.

One Time Only Window for Adding Middle School Math Endorsement

The submission window for EPP's to have a Middle School Math Endorsement approved has closed.  If you missed the window or have questions, please contact CDE.


CDE's Requirements for Initial Authorization or Reauthorization of an IHE

Flow chart depicting the steps to creating an Ed Prep program or adding a new endorsement to an existing program.

Authorization and Reauthorization Submission Timeline

Event Type

Application/Matrices Submission Timeline

Review of Submission Occurs
New Educator Preparation Program Authorization June 1-  November 30 January, 1-2 days
Authorization of Added Endorsement Program June 1 - November 30 January, 1-2 days
Reauthorization visits scheduled for September, October, November, and December June 30 July, 1-2 days
Reauthorization visits scheduled for January, February, March, April, and May October 31 November, 1-2 days

CDE's Requirements for Adding an Endorsement to an existing IHE

  • CDE, along with the Colorado Department of Higher Education, have released an updated process for adding a new endorsement area to an existing IHE program.  Click here to download a PDF document that outlines this process.
  • Submit Documentation for endorsement area(s) IHE is seeking approval to offer.