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Migrant Education Program (MEP)

Education of Migratory Children

Title I Part C is a component of the Consolidated Federal Program process. Please access the State and Federal Grants index page for additional information.

NCLB, Title I-Part C — Education of Migratory Children

The MEP supports students to reach high standards of academic achievement and is the level of interstate cooperation through the transfer of migrant students' education and health records. This high priority activity helps assure that migrant students are placed appropriately when they enroll in a new school. Their teachers are able to meet their needs and valuable time is not wasted. In addition, secondary students benefit significantly since the transfer of credits and/or partial credits assists them in meeting graduation requirements.

The dropout rate among migrant students is high because of the frustration and hopelessness these students encounter when schools are not able to meet their academic needs.

Following is a list of Migrant Region Contacts that may be downloaded and printed:

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