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CMAS Training

Virtual training for the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) spring 2022 assessment administration is scheduled for November 2021. Participation in this training satisfies the annual CMAS training requirement for all District Assessment Coordinators prior to the spring administration.

Assessment Coordinator Training Resources

  • Spring 2022 CMAS and CoAlt Procedures Manual 
  • CMAS Administration Training for Assessment Coordinators (for local training purposes - official DACs must complete the virtual CMAS training)
  • Spring 2022 Forms
    • Before Testing
      • Security Agreement (for non-DACs - DACs sign digital form from the virtual CMAS training)
      • Verification of District Training
    • During Testing
      • Testing Irregularity or Security Breach Form
      • Testing Irregularity or Security Breach Tracking Spreadsheet
      • Form to Report Contaminated, Damaged, or Missing Materials
    • After Testing
      • Post Test Compliance
      • Scratch Paper Verification
  • Training Materials
    • CMAS Overview
    • Technology Overview
    • Before Testing Checklist
    • Unit Testing Times and Testing Multiple Groups
    • State Assessment Acronyms 
  • PearsonAccessnext Resources
    • PAnext Student Registration (SR/PNP) Checks and Resources - PDF
    • PAnext Student Transfer Request Guidance - PDF
    • Prepare Test Sessions in PAnext - PDF
    • Creating Sample Students in PearsonAccessnext Training Center - PDF
  • Guidance on Eligibility for Assessments in Spanish - PDF
  • Parent Excusal Coding Fact Sheet - PDF

Test Administrator Training Resources

  • Computer-based Testing
    • Test Administrator Manual - PDF
    • Test Administrator Training - PPT
  • Paper-based Testing
    • Test Administrator Manual - PDF
    • Test Administrator Training - PPT

Report Interpretation Resources