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Data Pipeline Interchanges - Student


The student interchange is a set of three files which contain student information for a school year. The student interchange contains student demographics, student enrollment records, post-secondary information and advanced course completion data. This information is used in the following collections: Pupil Enrollment (Student October) Count, Special Education December Count, Special Education Discipline, Student End of Year, Student Biographical Data, and 11th grade alternative assessment.

File Layout and Definitions


Note: Changes for the 2015-2016 school year are highlighted in yellow within the documents


File Formatting

  • Pipeline only accepts file extensions of: csv  txt  xls  xlsx
  • You need a header row (in first row)
  • Pipeline only accepts field delimiters of: ,  |   ~
  • Include leading zeros (0) for required fields (for instance 01 or 02 for gender)

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