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UIP Flexibility and Permanent Timeline Shift

Transition to October Submission 2021-22

  • In October, the State Board of Education approved the proposal to transition permanently to the October 15 posting deadline for all schools and districts by the 2021-22 school year. This decision based was upon positive conversations with the field to create a state timeline that better matches a more natural planning process at the local level.
  • This timeline enables districts/schools to use spring as a time to reflect on the last year’s data (state and local, as available) to draft an improvement plan. State data, typically available by late summer, can be used to validate the direction and fine tune any additional planning requirements.
  • For identified schools (i.e., Performance Watch including Priority Improvement, Turnaround and On Watch, ESSA Comprehensive), plans will be publicly posted in the fall and the state will begin its review earlier in the school year.
  • New (02/08/2021) - The 2021-2022 UIP Timeline Transition document details deadlines and implications of the 2021-2022 UIP timeline shift.

April UIP Posting Flexibility 

In response to the COVID-19 Policy Implications Stakeholder Group's recommendations, the State Board of Education approved rules yesterday afternoon to make April 2021 public posting window optional; the new rules enable districts and schools to carry over the most recently posted plan to cover 2021-22. Read Act reporting requirements are still in place - all districts must submit the new READ programming and assessment information by April 15th 2021, regardless of UIP flexibility (e.g., biennial flexibility, optional April window.) For more detailed information on READ reporting, visit the UIP READ Act site. Districts and schools are still welcome to submit plans by April 15th through the online UIP system and CDE will post those plans immediately. For districts wishing to exercise this new flexibility, no action is needed. 

UIP Timeline Shift Planning Map

Timeline Shift Planning Map