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Colorado Department of Education Professional Development

Setting the Standard - Stories from the Field in 2020

Audience: Educators | Topic: Standards | Hosted by: Office of Standards and Instructional Support

On-Demand format. Setting the Standard - Stories from the Field in 2020
On-Demand format

The pandemic has made for an unprecedented period in PK-12 education. It has forced educators at every level to rethink how they do their jobs. This webinar will be a panel discussion with guest teachers from across the state. They will share their learning and successes from the last semester, as they have had to pivot between different delivery methods. The panel will also share their perspective related to opportunities moving into the new year. Participants will have an opportunity to interact and ask questions of the guest teacher panel.

  1. Identify key successes and learning’s from the previous semester of teaching.
  2. Explore opportunities for the new year.
  3. Discuss what learning might look like when we move back to face to face teaching.



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