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School Nutrition Contact Information

CDE School Nutrition Team

August 2018

  • Phone: 303-866-6661
  • Mail: 1580 Logan Street, Suite 760, Denver, CO 80203-1942

CDE School Nutrition Unit Staff

Brehan Riley, MS, RD, SNS

P  303-866-6299  C  720-202-3338

  • Manages all Child Nutrition Programs administered by CDE; determines program goals and objectives.
  • Formulates, interprets and implements state and federal statutes, rules and regulations for the Child Nutrition Programs
  • Provides leadership and expertise in planning, developing, promoting, implementing, and evaluating Child Nutrition Programs
  • Oversees budgets related to federal and state funding
  • Liaison to Colorado School Nutrition Association (CSNA)

Amanda Mercer, MS, RD

Nutrition Programs Supervisor

  • Interprets regulations and develops and disseminates written guidance to ensure compliance with federal, state, local policies and rules and regulations for all participating entities
  • Plans, develops, implements and evaluates child nutrition programs to meet changing priorities that support the mission of the program
  • Oversees the development of outreach activities to expand the scope and effectiveness of child nutrition programs
  • Coordinates and oversees child nutrition-related grant activities.

Ashley Moen, MS, RD, SNS

Summer Meal Programs Supervisor

Grants Fiscal Analysts for Nutrition

Brittany Shores (303-866-6911)

Gabriella Warner, MS, RD

Blueprint Project Manager

Rachael Burnham, BA, SNS

Nutrition Programs Principal Consultant

Megan Johnson, RD, SNS

Nutrition Programs Procurement Principal Consultant

Jonathan Padia, MS, RD, SNS

Nutrition Programs Principal Consultant

McKenna Pullen, MPH, SNS

Nutrition Programs Senior Consultant

Kristi Rolfsen, MS, RD, SNS

Nutrition Programs Senior Consultant

Carrie Thielen, MPH, RD

Nutrition Programs Grant and Training Principal Consultant

Donna Kolkman

Nutrition Programs Consultant

Erin Opgenorth

Nutrition Programs Consultant

Becca Boone, MA

Nutrition Programs Consultant

Alicia Grove, MS, RD

Nutrition Programs Consultant


Vivien Skrupskis, BA

Program Support