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Additional Resources

Find Your School

Colorado Schools and Districts

Contact information for Colorado schools and districts. 

Address Search

Search to find your neighborhood school.

School Choice

Information on Colorado schools, districts and charter schools.

Partnering With Your Child's School

Family engagement

How to get involved in your child’s school.

PTA Parent Resources

National Parent Teacher Association’s Toolkit for parents.

Resources for Families and Parents

U.S. Department of Education's parent and family resources.


Kindergarten Legislation

Legislation of full day kindergarten and attendance in Colorado.

Colorado Academic Standards

Family and community guides for the Colorado Academic Standards.

Literacy Curriculum Transparency

Information on literacy curriculum in Colorado schools and districts.

School Attendance

The Ready Family

How to prepare your family for kindergarten (external).

Build the Habit of Good Attendance

Ways to support your child with attendance (external).

Getting Ready for School

How to support your child in preparing for school (external).

Colorado Attendance Policy

Learn more about attendance policies in Colorado

Language Superpower

WIDA Home Language

Multilingual information on the value of family home languages.

Colorín Colorado

Bilingual parent resources for families about school.

Reading and Home Language

Reading in home language supports your child's reading.

Exceptional Kids

Child Find

Resources for families of young children with disabilities.

Gifted Education

Resources for families of children who are highly gifted.

Supporting Transitions

Transitions for learners who may be at risk for learning disabilities.

Dyslexia Handbook

Information and resources for schools and families as they support students with literacy challenges, including dyslexia.

Growing Kids

Three Core Concepts

Video and article on three core concepts in early development.

5 Steps for Brain-Building

Steps for brain-building serve and return. (Spanish) (Portuguese).


Activities to support development.(Spanish) (Arabic) (Karen) (Somali).

Colorado Universal Preschool Program

Find out more about the Colorado Department of Early Childhood’s Universal Preschool Program.

Support for Families

Migrant Education Program

If your family has moved across school district boundaries or from another state in the last 3 years while working in agriculture, fishing, or dairy or meat plants, you may qualify for additional support services from the Migrant Education Program.

McKinney-Vento Act

If any of your family members are currently living in a shelter, motel, inadequate trailer, or house; staying temporarily with relatives or friends due to economic hardship or loss of housing; or experiencing housing insecurity struggles, you may qualify for additional educational rights under the McKinney-Vento Act.