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The Power of Kindergarten

Early experiences matter. Your child’s brain grows rapidly in the first years of life. Each conversation and experience form and strengthen connections in the brain. These connections build networks that form the brain’s foundation for future learning.

Colorado values providing positive early experiences in full-day kindergarten. In kindergarten, your child will learn essential social and academic skills. These skills will set your child on a path toward success in school and life.

Learn more about healthy development in kids

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Watch a video about how experiences build brain architecture.
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Missing school at any age can have big consequences for kids. Each day missed means missing critical learning of new skills and knowledge. Learn more about the impact of missing school. Learn how to support your child. Learn about Colorado State Attendance Policy.

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Kindergarten in Colorado

In Colorado, what, when, and how kids learn is decided by local school districts. The best way to learn what your child will do and learn in kindergarten is to talk to kindergarten teachers and school districts.

Statewide, Colorado Academic Standards provide an overview of learning goals for all kindergarteners.

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Exploring Kindergarten

Partnering with schools begins before your child’s first day. During the year before kindergarten, visit your local school or school of choice. Use this time to ask questions and get connected. Many schools offer events like tours of the school, home visits, storytime, and family nights to get to know families before kindergarten begins.

Not sure in which district your child lives? View information on Colorado districts, search your child’s primary address, or stop by a neighborhood school.

Do you have concerns about your child's learning
or development? Don't wait. Learn more.

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Registering for Kindergarten

Contact your school to register your child. You may need to register your child as early as the fall before kindergarten, especially if you do not plan to choose a school in your neighborhood.

School districts decide the date by which a child must be five years old to enter kindergarten. These dates may range from June to October in communities throughout Colorado. Learn when your child must turn five and register for kindergarten by contacting your school.


School Partnerships

Parents are a child’s first teacher. Each new activity and experience teaches your child something new. 

As your child goes to kindergarten, you continue to play a critical role in your child’s education. Learn how to get involved.

Start playing today with Colorado’s Playbook. (Spanish, Arabic, Karen, Somali).

Are you a recent Colorado migrant?
Learn about the Migrant Education Program.

Are you experiencing homelessness?
Learn about support.


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Did you know mastery of the language used most often in your home is linked to school readiness, positive self-identity, and educational success? Keep talking and reading to your child in their home language. Learn more about how language is a superpower.