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Educator Talent

Educator Talent: Effective Educators for Every Student and Effective Leaders for Every School.  Circular icon with Attract represented as a Megaphone, Prepare represented with a Stack of Books, Support represented with Gears Turning and Retain represented with a Shooting Star.

Educator Talent

Welcome to the new Educator Talent website! Our mission is to develop, deploy and support talent management and human capital development strategies for districts and schools so that the most effective educators are in every school and classroom and all students are prepared for college, career, and life. Visit our About Us page to learn more about the Educator Talent Unit.

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Information For:

Educator Talent - Current Educators Icon

Current Educators include:

Educator Talent - Future Educators Icon

Future Educators include:

  • Prospective students of university/college approved educator preparation programs
  • Educator preparation program students
  • Career changers/individuals in the workforce interested in entering the teaching profession

Educator Talent - Ed Prep Programs Icon

Educator Preparation Programs include:

  • Universities/Colleges
  • Districts/ BOCES

Educator Talent - District & BOCES Icon

Districts & BOCES include:

  • Superintendents, assistant superintendents
  • Human resources directors, licensure coordinators
  • District/BOCES leaders and administrators 
  • Charter leaders and administrators


Look here for the latest information/news about Educator Talent.

  • Teacher Shortage Survey

CDE, in partnership with the Colorado Department of Higher Education, is required by legislation to submit a strategic action plan to address educator shortages to Colorado legislature by Friday, Dec 1.  

Factual information about the teacher shortage across Colorado from the beginning of this school year is required to be part of this plan.  To that end, every district and BOCES is asked to complete a short, eight-question survey.  In order to get the best information possible, the survey window has been extended to Friday, Nov. 17. 

Survey results are a vital part of the action plan as the most current information about Colorado's teacher shortage should be included.  This survey will also be used to report on federal grants, such as the Teach grant and may help inform legislative funding across Colorado.  

Please review this copy of the survey questions (PDF) prior to accessing the online version.  Survey progress cannot be saved and returned to later.

For more information please contact Educator Talent at 303-866-6628 or 

  • Helping Educators Teach English Language Learners

During its February meeting, the State Board of Education directed CDE to create new, flexible professional development pathways for new and current teachers to better serve students with English language education needs. Learn more about the proposed increase in professional development for all teachers.

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