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Farm to School and Farm to Summer


Farm to School is a program focused on connecting communities to healthy, fresh and local food by influencing change within who and how food is purchased, nutrition and agricultural education and supporting schools in establishing school gardens and agricultural programs.  

Farm to School - playing in the dirt

Farm To School Highlights 

Denver Public Schools is serving up a local menu! Way to go Denver Public Schools! Check out their headlines below.

Tell Us Your Story 

  • Your voice, your story and your passion are powerful.  Impact and influence Farm to School and Farm to Summer in Colorado by sharing your story.

Farm to School Events: Register Your Crunch Time Event!

  • Take a bite into a locally or regionally grown apple on October 24 to help Colorado win the multi-state Crunch Off against Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. The school with the most participants receives a special prize, and by registering your event, you will receive Crunch Time promotional materials. 
  • Fun fact: apple varieties can range in size from a little larger than a cherry to as large as a grapefruit. The largest apple ever picked weighed three pounds! 

About Farm to School

  • Farm to School embodies three core elements:
    • Procurement: Purchasing local foods.
    • Education: Education related to agriculture, food, health and nutrition..
    • School Gardens: Support and sustain school gardens to provide hand-on educational experiences and connecting students with their food.
  • The Benefits of Farm to School 
    • Farm to School provides a Win-Win approach, harvesting a life-long impact on kids, farmers and communities.

Colorado Farm to School Task Force

In 2010, the Colorado General Assembly created the Colorado Interagency Farm-to-School Coordination Task Force (HB10-81), most commonly referred to as the Colorado Farm to School Task Force.

The main objectives of the Colorado Farm to School Task Force are:

  • Increasing awareness of farm to school opportunities and partnerships.
  • Disseminating farm to school resources, materials and toolkits.
  • Assessing policy and regulatory opportunities and barriers.
  • Identifying and supporting opportunities to further farm to school efforts.

Farm To School and Farm to Summer Resources

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