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CDE Office of Health and Wellness Staff

The Colorado education system depends on a strong, healthy relationship between students, schools, and the communities in which they're placed. The Health & Wellness Unit assists Colorado school districts in strengthening relationships among school employees, parents, and community members.

Sarah Blumenthal Profile Picture  Sarah Blumenthal, Director of Student Health Services Unit and Colorado State Nurse Consultant

Phyllis Reed Profile Picture  Phyllis Reed, Director of School Health Services Unit and School Health Professional Grant Program Manager

Peter Stevinson Profile Picture  Peter Stevinson, Program Assistant for Health and Wellness

Toni Grishman Profile Picture  Toni GrishmanBrain Injury Consultant

Omar Estrada Profile Picture  Omar Estrada, School Health Services Consultant

Shannon Milliken Profile Picture  Shannon Millliken - Comprehensive Physical Education Senior Consultant

Kristi Profile Picture  Kristi ElliottSchool Health Professional Grant Principal Consultant

Stephanie Bernard Profile Picture  Stephanie Bernard,  School Health Professional Grant Senior Consultant

Morgan Seiler Profile Picture   Morgan Seiler, Project AWARE Program Manager

Jamie Hurley Profile Picture  Jamie HurleyComprehensive Health & Physical Education Principal Consultant

Christina Austin Profile Picturee  Christina Austin, Senior Health and Wellness Grant Consultant K-5

Michelle Malvey Profile Picture  Michelle Malvey, School Health Training Consultant

Amy Plog Profile Picture  Amy Plog, Evaluation and Research Senior Consultant

school nurse specialists team School Nurse Specialists Team, School Nursing and Health