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Facility Schools Educator Licensing Information

The Office of Facility Schools has CDE approved induction programs for all approved facility schools administrators, principals, teachers and special services providers. The administrator/principal program is administered by the Office of Facility Schools, while the teacher/SSP program is administered by each facility school individually.

The purpose of the induction programs is to provide professional support directly related to the skills and knowledge each facility school expects of staff. The program should promote purposeful learning by inductees; encourage the retention of capable, talented professionals; enhance the working conditions and job satisfaction of professionals; provide a safe, risk-taking environment and a collegial atmosphere for teaching, learning, and leading; promote systemic change and school renewal; and an opportunity for mentoring to model professionalism. The induction program provides newcomers with an orientation to their new professional role, opportunities to resolve transition problems, and develop and refine technical skills.

For more information and program resources please contact Wendy Dunaway, 303-726-2209


Temporary Educator Eligibility