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Principal Leadership Institute Pathway: Early Literacy (Science of Reading) Implementation

School leaders in the early literacy implementation pathway will learn to support teachers and staff for effective implementation and improvement of literacy instruction (Science of Reading) that meets the needs of all students by providing job embedded professional development that includes coaching, mentoring, and regular feedback cycles in a caring work environment. Leaders in the Principal Leadership Institute will discover ways to empower staff to achieve a true sense of collective efficacy so that stakeholders in a building have ownership and a sense of responsibility in leading and learning for all students. In the end, teachers will feel empowered and supported as they refine their literacy instructional practices to be standards aligned, scientifically and evidence based and driven by data analysis. Ultimately, they will become loyal members of the team and choose to stay in a rewarding profession as they work tirelessly and in a committed fashion to improve student outcomes for each child.

Learning Outcomes

Principal participants will achieve learning outcomes around increased teacher collective efficacy and positive culture and climate in schools via Key Leverage Points:
  • Coach and evaluate educators in their use of evidence-based literacy instruction
  • Ensure schoolwide implementation of scientifically and evidence-based core, supplemental, and intervention curricular resources
  • Lead, monitor, and evaluate the school's literacy assessment systems
  • Ensure the implementation of the science of reading through job-embedded professional learning
  • Guide literacy instruction through data analysis, observation, and coaching conversations

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