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Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Council (1338)

Local Flexibility for Educator Evaluations. Educators Matter.

Promising Practices of Flexibilities, Efficiencies, and Differentiation for using the Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Council (1338)

Did You Know?

The Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Council (formerly 1338) can be a powerful group to bring together to make recommendations about the components of a local evaluation system. The use, engagement, and selection of this committee can ensure that various stakeholder groups are represented and that they are on the same page when implementing local decisions regarding the evaluation of licensed personnel. At a minimum, districts and BOCES shall have the following members on the committee: one teacher, one administrator, one principal, one resident who is a parent of a child attending a school from the district, or a participating district, and one resident who is not a parent of a child attending a school from the district, or a participating district. Additionally, BOCES must include an educator holding a special services provider (SSP) license at its organization.

Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Councils (1338) can be composed of any other school district committee having proper membership such as District Accountability Committees. This council must consult with the local school board as to the fairness, effectiveness, credibility, and professional quality of local evaluation systems, processes and procedures.

Ideas for Using the Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Council (1338)

Example of informing all stakeholders

While this committee requires specific representation, one district has ensured that the president of its local association is on the committee as well as a representative for each group of the SSPs it employs. This group meets quarterly to ensure that all decisions made by the committee can be communicated to their stakeholder groups in addition to the information sent out from the district.

Colorado Stories for Using the Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Council (1338)

Aligning Local Beliefs with Organizational Structure

The Adams 12 Five Star School District Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Council (1338 committee) is comprised of eighteen members representing numerous stakeholders including parents, community members, union members, teachers, principals, and central office members. As a group, the committee meets quarterly to monitor, refine, adjust and problem-solve any items connected to the district evaluation system: Advancing Professional Excellence (APEX). This committee makes recommendations using the following beliefs:

  • We believe high-quality reflective educators create high performing schools.
  • We believe in a growth mindset for all educators.
  • We believe professional relationships built on mutual respect and transparency enhance everyone’s practice and elevate our profession.
  • We believe reflective practice and professional collaboration make educators more effective.
  • We believe in continuous improvement, rather than perfection.

"As a result, we believe that we, as a committee, have an obligation to live out those beliefs as we engage in our work together," says Megan Cain, Director of Personal Learning. "When we see a problem or a potential solution to our complex evaluation process we come together as a group to analyze the problem and determine next steps that will support all stakeholders across our system. One of the reasons I believe we have been able to do this effectively is because APEX lives on the learning services side of the work in our district and not in the human resources department." At Adams 12 Five Star Schools, the Director of Professional Learning, Accountability and Assessment Specialist, and President of the District Twelve Educators Association work together to plan meetings, learning, and protocols for the committee to engage in together. "This is how we continue to live out the belief in continuous improvement and working collaboratively to continue to strive towards a meaningful and impactful evaluation system," concludes Megan.

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