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State Board of Education Position Votes Regarding Legislation

Colorado State Board of Education

2021 Position Votes

Date Bill Description Board's Position
3/10/21 SB21-151 Literacy Curriculum Transparency Support
3/10/21 HB21-1161 Suspend Statewide Assessments for Select Grades Support
3/26/21 SB21-119 Increasing Access to High-Quality Credential Support
3/26/21 HB21-1067 College Admission Use of National Test Scores Neutral
4/14/21 HB21-1010 Diverse K-12 Educator Workforce Support
4/14/21 SB21-206 Educator Licensure Cash Fund Support
4/19/21 SB21-185 Supporting Educator Workforce in Colorado Support
4/30/21 HB21-1295 Rebuttable Presumption in Charter School Appeals Oppose
4/30/21 HB21-1294 K-12 Education Accountability Systems Performance Audit Amend