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Emily Kielmeyer is leading the project as the Kindergarten and School Readiness Manager.  Emily has been part of the Kindergarten and School Readiness project at CDE since Aug., 2014.  She’s been critical to supporting school districts with the implementation of the School Readiness initiative.  Emily has many years of experience teaching preschool and early elementary school in Colorado districts.  Emily was part of many leadership initiatives at the building and district level.  In addition to assuming the program management responsibilities, Emily will continue providing direct supports to local schools and districts.

Shannon Montalbano is extending her support to the project as a Senior Kindergarten and School Readiness Specialist.  More schools and districts across the state can look forward to being supported by Shannon.  Shannon will also coordinate the Ready Schools project just launching this month.  Shannon’s depth of expertise includes many years of experience as a kindergarten and early elementary teacher, with a strong focus on literacy and early reading.

The Kindergarten and School Readiness team is excited for another school year and looks forward to supporting school and district needs in 2017-18.

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Emily Kielmeyer
School Readiness and P-3 Program Manager

Shannon Montalbano 
Senior School Readiness and P-3 Specialist

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