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READ Online Teacher Training Facilitator Guide

Building strong foundations: developing early literacy skills. CDE-provided online teacher training facilitator guide.

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The CDE Facilitator Guide for Building a Strong Foundation: Developing Early Literacy Skills is designed to support school leaders in implementing the learning into practice in their school context. The facilitator guide offers flexible options for reviewing key course concepts, analyzing school curriculum and student data, and implementing evidence-based literacy instructional practices in all K-3 classrooms.

The Facilitator Guide is broken down by content modules correlated with the Building a Strong Foundation course progression: Developing Early Literacy Skills online teacher training. Each content module contains approximately 8 hours of online coursework, and the guide is intended to support professional development following the completion of the online module. However, professional learning activities are flexible and may be distributed over time, depending on the time available to a group or school. The guide is created as a “menu” to allow the facilitator to select options that best meet the needs of their school context.

Module Guides:

Intro to the Science of Reading:

Module 1

Oral Language & Phonology:

Module 2

Phonics & Word Study:

Module 3

Creating Fluent Readers:

Module 4

Developing Vocabulary:

Module 5

Increasing Reading Comprehension:

Module 6