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Migrant Partnerships

Interstate Migrant Education Council

The purpose of IMEC is to proactively support a national conversation on Migrant Education’s past, present and future with a focus on Changing Demographics, Poverty and Mobility


Migrant Student System of Support (MS3)

The Migrant Student System of Support (MS3) is a collaboration aimed at bringing together organizations that serve migrant families in Colorado. The goal is to create a seamless system of support for children and youth from birth through their first year in college. Through collaborative   partnerships, our organizations work together to promote a greater understanding of each agency’s services and eligibility requirements and to support the success of migrant children, youth and families statewide.


Preschool Initiative (PI)

The Colorado MEP also participates as a member state in the Migrant Preschool Initiative in order to ensure all migrant preschool children receive the services they need in order to be “school ready” in the state of Colorado. The Goals of the Migrant Preschool Initiative are:

1. To expand the capacity of state and local MEPs to serve migrant PK children.

2. To ensure that more services are provided to migrant 3-5 year old children and that these  children will demonstrate substantial and measureable educational gains.

3. To disseminate evidence-based promising practices developed by PI to the national MEP community and other stakeholders


Identification and Recruitment Rapid Response Consortium (IRRC)

The Colorado MEP is a member of IRRC  which is a capacity building project designed to help states be more consistent in the way families are interviewed and how eligibility for MEP services is  determined. One focus of the project is helping states ensure they have high quality systems in place for their state ID&R plans to help increase and improve consistency and quality in ID&R determinations across the nation.