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EASI Application Routes & Services

EASI Application Routes & Services

The application has been organized into four different routes: Exploration Supports, District Designed and Led, Offered Services, and Piloted Services. The routes have different criteria and ways of awarding funds geared to a specific intent. A summary of the routes and the individual services or opportunities can be found below. Additional details (e.g., eligibility criteria, prioritization guidelines, evaluation requirements, local commitments) for each program or opportunity are available below.

EASI Menu of Supports (PDF)

Exploration Supports Route

LEA is interested in funds and/or services to explore a solution (e.g., external diagnostic review, planning, community engagement) for the identified school(s) or particular populations within an identified school. This is a planning phase with a small allocation for implementation activities. The exploration supports include:

District Designed and Led Improvement Strategies Route

LEA has a plan or is already implementing a plan that meets school(s) needs and is interested in pursuing grant funds to support activities.

Offered Services Route

LEA is interested in applying for an existing CDE service aimed at improving school systems. Services may include a comprehensive approach that includes diagnostic review, planning, and implementation phases.

Other Services Route

LEAs and schools interested in applying for participation in a board support of improving school systems.