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EASI District Strategic Planning


The District Strategic Planning option is ideal for districts who are seeking to strengthen district systems that are necessary to support sustainable school improvement in one or more identified schools.  These district systems may include: Talent Management, Instructional Infrastructure, Turnaround Leadership development, and/or Culture and Climate.  District Strategic planning EASI grantees should focus on strategic planning related to one or more of these systems and districts should work with a CDE approved external provider (see approved list here).  


District Strategic Planning include funding for working with a CDE-approved external provider and for completing the following activities:

  1. Systems review and diagnostic activities

  2. Stakeholder engagement
  3. Prioritization and improvement planning
  4. Early Implementation

Fact Sheet 


Sam Schneider

School and District Transformation Manager, School & District Transformation

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Lindsay Cox

School Transformation Grant Manager, School & District Transformation

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