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Resources for Future Educators

male teacher with text Colorado Students Need You! Make a difference. Teach.

Colorado teachers are redesigning, re-engineering and rethinking education. Together, we are creating a system that responds to the individual needs of students while providing them with a variety of career pathways. Whether you have lived here all your life, attended school here, or are thinking about making a move, Colorado is a wonderfully diverse state where you can find your place in the classroom and the community.

Visit the Educator Talent Division's About Us webpage to learn more about how we address the full continuum of talent management and human capital development, including educator and leadership preparation pathways and certification (licensing); educator effectiveness, development, coaching, and support; induction and mentoring; professional learning; educator recruitment, retention, and career development.

The resources below will help as you consider various paths to becoming a Colorado Educator. 

I Have a Bachelor's Degree

Do you have a bachelor’s degree (but do not have a teacher license)?

I Don't Have an Educator License or Bachelor's Degree

Not yet a teacher and do not have a bachelor’s degree?

I Am a Military Member

Are you a military member looking to transition into teaching?

I Want to Learn More about Teaching in Colorado

Not sure where to teach in Colorado but want to learn more about our great state and your options?

I Am Looking for Ways to Help Pay for My Program

Are you looking for funding opportunities that will assist with the costs of becoming a licensed teacher in Colorado?

I Would Like to Speak with Someone About My Options

Are you looking to connect with someone who can help you develop your personal pathway to becoming a licensed educator?