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Troops to Teachers Colorado

About Troops to Teachers Colorado

The state of Colorado has approximately 409,000 veterans and serves over 900,000 students across urban and rural contexts. The state, like all others in the country, is experiencing an increasing teacher shortage in critical content areas such as math, science, and special education, as well as in our rural and ever-growing suburban areas. While we have a teacher shortage, we have a population of over 400,000 highly talented, skilled, socially conscious military veteran members ready to fill the void and support our children.

The Troops to Teachers Colorado program supports matching veterans with high needs education areas including our geographically isolated rural school areas, our high needs socioeconomic areas, and hard to fill subject areas such as math, science, special education, foreign language and STEM subjects.

The program focuses on the face-to-face relationship building at six military bases as well as with local schools and districts, higher education and communities. There is also strong relationship development between the Colorado Department of Education and veterans through targeted recruitment, career guidance, and support into the classroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Troops to Teachers provide classes and programs that lead to teacher licensing?

Troops to Teachers does NOT teach classes. Troops to Teachers provides assistance to veterans to find state-approved licensure programs and pathways.

Does Troops to Teachers award teaching licenses?

Troops to Teachers does NOT issue teaching licenses. Each state has specific licensure requirements. Troops to Teacher advisors are familiar with state licensing requirements and will assist applicants in meeting those standards.

Does Troops to Teachers determine where you teach?

No. The Troops to Teachers participant decides what and where they want to teach.  There may be financial assistance/incentives (up to $10,000) if the Troops to Teachers participant is eligible for incentives and secures employment in a high need school.

Once troops registers, are they obligated to teach?

No. Registering with Troops to Teachers does not incur any obligation.  There is a three-year obligation to teach in a high needs school only if the Troops to Teachers participant is eligible for and accepts Troops to Teachers financial incentives (stipend/bonus).To learn more about financial assistance, please visit the Troops to Teachers financial assistance webpage.

Do you need a degree in education to be eligible for Troops to Teachers?

A degree in education is NOT required to become a teacher; however, most teaching positions require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Will Troops to Teachers help you bypass state requirements to help you get into the classroom more quickly?

Being a member of the Troops to Teacher program does not allow you to bypass any of the state standards. All teachers must meet state certification requirements.

Upcoming In-Person Events

Office Hours 

We're pleased to announce that Troops to Teachers Colorado has scheduled office hours available at the Colorado Department of Education to better serve the veterans in the Denver metro area.  Office hours are 9:00 am to 3:30 pm on the date(s) listed below, unless otherwise noted (*).  

  • Tuesday, Sept 10th

  • Thursday, Sept 26th

  • Thursday, Oct 10th

  • Thursday, Oct 24th

  • Thursday, Nov 7th

  • Thursday, Nov 21st

  • Thursday, Dec 12th 

Office hours will be held at the Colorado Department of Education, Educator Talent Division located at 6000 East Evans Avenue, Building 2, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80222.  Walk-ins are welcome!  You may also contact Korey Brown at 719-526-2208 or John Scheuer at 719-526-1201 to schedule an appointment.

Teach as a Second Career (TASC) Seminars and Information Sessions

Teach as a Second Career Seminars and Information Sessions provide opportunities to learn about: various licensure pathways and options to becoming a teacher, licensing requirements for Colorado, services available through Troops to Teachers, and recent updates and/or changes to the Troops to Teachers program.  Attendees can also learn more about career opportunities with representatives from Colorado school districts. 

TASC Seminars are scheduled for the following dates and times (locations marked with asterisks (***) denote that a valid military ID is required for installation access): August 29, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm - Buckley Air Force Base***

Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program (SFL/TAP) Information Sessions are also available at military bases on a monthly basis.  Contact Korey Brown or John Scheuer for details.

Professional Development

Troops to Teachers is proud to announce new professional development opportunities - Educator Boot Camp and Substitute Orientation!  The Educator Boot Camp was specifically designed to support, assist, and encourage new educators as they enter into their first year in a classroom.  The Substitute Orientation was designed for substitutes entering into the 2019-2020 academic school year.  School districts are encouraged to contact Korey Brown or John Scheuer to request professional development events.

Networking Events (Social Mixers)

Networking events (Social Mixers) will be held each month to provide an opportunity for current and future Troops to Teachers educators to come together.  Registration is not required.

  • August 29, 5:30 to 7:30 pm at The Principal's Office (1604 South Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO)
  • September 29, 5:00 to 7:30 pm at The Hideaway Lounge (2627 South Parker Road, Aurora, CO)
  • October 30, 5:00 - 7:30 pm at Back East Bar & Grill (1455 Cipriani Loop, Monument, CO)


Work Force, Employment, and Recruitment Events

  • September 7 - Lamar Veterans Day Resource Fair at Lamar Fairgrounds (Lamar, CO)
  • September 13 - Montrose Veterans Warrior Resource Center (Montrose, CO)
  • September 14 - Colorado Mesa University (Grand Junction, CO)
  • September 21 - Colorado Mesa University (Grand Junction, CO)
  • October 17 - Durango Veteran Stand Down at La Plata County Fairgrounds (Durango, CO)
  • October 26 - Colorado Mesa Tailgate (Grand Junction, CO)

For more information, including registration details for any of the above listed events, please contact Korey Brown at 719-526-2208 or John Scheuer at 719-526-1201.


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Korey Brown, 719-526-2208

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